Why These 4 Classes Are The Best For You To Start Diablo 4 Season 5 PTR? – Class Tier List

Why These 4 Classes Are The Best For You To Start Diablo 4 Season 5 PTR? – Class Tier List

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In Diablo 4 Season 4, there are five classes for players to choose from, among which Necromancer is relatively simple and easy for players to use. The remaining 4 require you to spend more time on equipment to get the best condition in battle.

Although when you first come into contact with these classes, you will feel that you have fully mastered them. But as these classes’ progress and level up, their equipment will become weaker and weaker if they are not chosen properly, which is also a waste of your Diablo 4 Gold and creates a bad gaming experience.

So this is why these classes are very difficult, so you need to spend some time and energy on these classes. But don’t worry, this guide will provide you with detailed introductions and solutions.


Barbarian is loved by many Diablo 4 players because they find that Barbarian class performs very well in one-on-one battles with bosses in Diablo 4. But some players also find that it is not very competent against group enemies, so this class is not suitable for you when you want to hone your level and loot.

Although many players think that it doesn’t matter if they don’t master Barbarian class because it is strong in itself. But they need to change their thinking. If they spend a little time to find the right equipment by Diablo 4 Gold for sale for him and upgrade his advantageous skills, will the game experience be better? The most important thing is that you will spend much more time using it to attack groups of enemies than you will spend time looking for skills.

As you progress in the game, you can find the best armor for him and the skills that best suit this Goliath class. Because he has a little potential to withstand attacks from small enemies, Rend is very suitable for him.

This means that you need to use this skill to the extreme, or upgrade it to the highest point. This way you can make single enemies suffer more damage and groups of enemies less threatening.


Compared to other classes in Diablo 4, Druid is considered the weakest class by players. However, there’s much more to it than players discover. This nature mage can transform into a werewolf or a bear during combat, both of which can deal massive damage to enemies.

Compared to other difficult-to-master classes, Druid has one very good advantage for players to operate – high health. This means that players can slowly explore this class’s maximum damage output without worrying about its survival.

Because of Druid’s attributes, this large character has the potential for high mobility, so it is a suitable tool for you to hone in PVE mode of ARPG. You can invest the maximum points in Wolf companion, Maul, and Pulverize, so that it can kill many enemies quickly and help you farm more Diablo 4 Materials.

In addition, it has a skill – Trample, which can knock down a group of enemies in combat, giving your character a chance to avoid enemy damage.


As mentioned above, all classes except Druid will make players worry about health in combat, and Rogue is one of them. Because of its attributes, like Barbarian, it cannot face groups of enemies. So when choosing Diablo 4 items, you must not choose weak armor for it, which may make it more difficult for you to explore alone.

For high-level players, you don’t have to worry about Rogue’s health, but you do need to worry about the energy distribution, because each of its superb skills requires a lot of energy. Once your energy is exhausted, Rogue has no defense and is more likely to be knocked down.

For skills, you need to focus on using smoke bombs and poison or cold infusion. In this way, you can better hide yourself in the smoke that dazzles the enemy and makes better attacks. But I need to remind you that this doesn’t work well against bosses, because they are usually difficult to be stunned.

In addition, Rogue can also make an excellent archer. Although it is difficult to shoot at a long distance when you are alone. But the arrow can hit multiple enemies, blinding them. This requires constant practice to reach your best condition.


In Diablo 4, the most tough class to master appears – Sorcerer. Although Sorcerer is not outstanding in physical damage, its excellent skills make many players take substantial risks to use this class. In addition, players can take their own initiative and combine Sorcerer with elemental spells to create a powerful spellcaster.

However, combining these things together perfectly, or even selecting an elemental spell, is very difficult. Then my suggestion is to focus on fire spells, because in the fire sorcerer’s build, fire spells will bring you a big surprise – it will cause substantial damage to groups of enemies and keep them away from you.

Like Rogue, you need to be vigilant at all times, especially the distance between you and the enemy, while balancing the abilities between skills. If you successfully master the above, you will be invincible in Diablo 4!

In the upcoming Diablo 4 Season 5 PTR on June 25, these classes will continue to accompany you in your exploration. I hope this guide will be helpful to new and old players, and I look forward to your happy playing in Diablo 4!