Why Plus Sized Fashion Is Vital in the Industry Today

Why Plus Sized Fashion Is Vital in the Industry Today

The misconception afloat today is that plus sized modeling justifies being overweight, and those thin models are the people who put in the effort to look good and deserve modeling blah blah. Now let’s dispel some of these misconceptions and elucidate why plus sized modeling is actually progressive for the society.

Plus-size is not extra large size, its average sized

When we use the word ‘plus -sized’ it is in reference to the modeling world. As you may probably know the regular industry standard models have very particular strict height and weight requirements to meet in order to qualify most types of modeling. However, these models are not necessarily ‘healthy’ (Being underweight and malnutrition can be as adverse as being overweight) and it doesn’t mean that everyone is physically able to meet these criterions.

Plus sized models are in fact models that represent the average bodily figure in the society. By doing so they are able to relate to the larger audience better than industry standard models. They also stand testament to the fact that Modeling isn’t just about looks, but rather it’s also about how you are able to exude confidence, and to what level you are able to pose and portray the intended emotions and message.

Brands and Commercial marketers are starting to understand the importance of plus-sized models

Because of how well plus sized models are starting to represent the general population commercial advertising and marketing has started to value this area of fashion. Major brands such as Ralph Lauren, Nike and Levis are just some of the top brands to incorporate plus-sized models into their brand and product management strategies.

Removing the Stigma

This fashion comes in at a crucial time when the world is being engulfed by unrealistic standards of beauty. Yes, there are still criticisms that run about how plus size models aren’t actually plus-sized, and that more plus sized models should be involved in high fashion and Runway modeling. It is true that there is still much room for progress and there is definitely a need to accept all kinds of models.

We as a society are evolving and change will come, albeit slowly. We are currently seeing the revival of the curvy fashion of the 1950s which produced Marilyn Monroe. So sit tight because we as a society are heading towards expansion of not size alone, but fashion.

“To all the girls who think you are fat because you’re not a size zero, you’re the beautiful one, its society who’s ugly.” -Marilyn Monroe

The importance of human relation and public speaking skills for an aspiring model

We all have encountered at least once a good public speaker and a person who is excellent at communicating with us. You also may have heard that this is good for adults in their businesses, but how about models? Most of the time models won’t speak and pose as they are told to, but public speaking skills and human relations actually have a very crucial role to play for model’s success.


As a model, you will not be posing in an enclosed studio all the time. Many times your photo or video shoot will happen outdoors. There are situations such as runway modeling; fashion shows, promotional modeling in parties and events which take place with a large group of people. Being good at public speaking will boost your confidence in such venues because you know you that you can speak confidently if asked to and you won’t have any fear to confidently show your body in the crowd.