Why Magnetic Clasps Are Good For More Than Just Children’s Jewelry

Magnetic clasps are often just associated with children’s jewelry, but they are actually much more useful for other types of jewelry. In fact, magnetic clasps should not be used on jewelry items which are used designed for use by younger children because they can accidentally swallow the magnets, which could cause serious problems in their digestive systems. Sales of magnetic clasps for use in homemade jewelry have recently increased by a huge amount, as more and more people begin to realize what a useful tool these clasps can be. Here are a few of the reasons why magnetic clasps are useful for much more than just jewelry for children:

Easier for old people

Many older people or people with limited dexterity will struggle to use other types of clasp. When jewelry clasps are small, fiddly or require the application of a lot of pressure these people will often have problems opening or closing them without the assistance of other people. This can put a lot of people off buying or wearing jewelry items, as they do not like to feel reliant on others. Magnetic clasps are much easier for these people to use, because they simple pull apart, as long as enough force is applied. This is fantastic news for people who stopped wearing jewelry because they were no longer able to work the clasps properly.

Shape your Jewelry

Depending on what type of magnetic clasp you decide to buy (there are plenty of different types available) you may be able to use it in place of other types of jewelry finding to help to shape and structure your jewelry. These magnets can be used to hold things together or pinch items to change their appearance. For example, these clasps can be used to pinch two strings of beads together, so that they are able to run parallel to one another. This is a great option if you want to make temporary changes, rather than more permanent ones with other jewelry findings.

Because magnetic clasps do not rely on hinges or screws to work, there are no components that will irritate the skin of people who have problems with other styles of clasp due to sensitive skin. If you are buying magnetic clasps for people who do have an allergy to nickel, or who have experienced any problems with nickel in the past, then you should make sure that you buy clasps that are encased in Sterling silver. These types of clasps are available from reputable jewelry supplies retailers.

Magnetic clasps can also help you with the storage of your jewelry. Many people use these types of clasps to help to hang their jewelry when it is not being worn. As well as being attracted to each other, the clasps will also help to keep the jewelry affixed to many metal surfaces. Whilst some people have special jewelry boards to store their jewelry on, other people have been known to attach their jewelry to the fridge door for safe keeping!