Watch Latto Shows Off Her Insane Jewelry Collection | On The Rocks | On the Rocks

Watch Latto Shows Off Her Insane Jewelry Collection | On The Rocks | On the Rocks

I set the trends I don’t follow them.

What’s up y’all, what’s happening.

It’s Big Latto

and you’re watching On the Rocks.

[Upbeat Music]

Latto is short for the lottery

and it’s just means like the jackpot and 777.

For me it’s not just financially hitting the jackpot,

it’s just hitting the jackpot in life.

Like I’m winning, I’m over blessed.

My favorite piece is probably this right here.

Lately, I’ve been into the more like dainty stuff

like this one was a Valentine’s Day gift.

Inside of here, which y’all not gonna get to see,

is like a handwritten love letter

and a picture and it just made me cry

and it’s just so sweet and sentimental.

That’s probably my favorite and that thang, that thang

you see that stone in the middle?

Baby, she worth something you know what I’m saying?

Gucci probably is the main reason why,

as soon as I signed that deal,

I went and got the biggest [bleep] that I could get.

Gucci got that big ass, it say ice daddy

or something like that.

Gucci is definitely an influence

but I ain’t on that no more.

That [bleep] I can’t…nuh, uh.

I had not bought a pendant

and I don’t see myself buying no pendant

cause I was like oh new album,

I should probably get 777 pendant

but I was like I don’t [beep] want no 777 pendant

like if anything like I would get something cute like this.

I do also got love for this piece right here,

this was my first chain I ever bought.

I bought this chain when I was like 18 from Wafi.

She might look light but she heavy baby.

That was probably like $15,000

and I was only 18 baby, droppin them racks.

My most expensive piece is, she from Ice Box.

I got her as a birthday gift to myself,

like 120, like a little over a hundred.

But she worth it

like when I feel like really flexing,

I’m bringing her out.

Seven is my lucky number

It’s God’s number.

Tripled, it’s just like unbeatable.

I’m God’s child baby we don’t play that so 777 over here.

It became a part of my brand when I changed my name

For me, it’s like hitting a jackpot in life, period,

not just financially.

This chain is heavy like, no cap.

I be scared to perform with that.

That pendant would knock a tooth out,

chip a tooth, something.

And these veneers is like pearly white.

It’s like these, they cost a pretty penny too so,

you know what I’m saying?

We ain’t trying to chip these.

This one right here is my new baby,

I’ll take this pendant off and put it on this chain.

These two be competing

because they both just hold such special meaning for me.

When I got this I cried like a baby

because it’s a picture of me

and I have a microphone in my hand,

and in the other it twirls

and the other side is my mom holding me

at her high school graduation.

She got it out the mud

and that’s where I get my hustle mentality from.

She really touched my,

and I was mad at her I

wanted to like girl, don’t spend your money on me like,

let me buy the jewelry,

I’m the rapper.

But my mama got that bag too now.

So she like to spoil me too, I was mad at first

but when I seen the bag from Wafi,

I got mad but then I seen what it was

and I just cried like a baby.

Like this was literally just a week ago.

The Big Latto pendant, she was my first.

I got her when I got this AP.

I got them both at the same time

that was like my first set of like big jewelry

like rapper jewelry.

I got Big Latto when I signed to RCA

and then I got this AP custom with the pink arabic numbers.

I probably spent 40, 42, something like that.

I wear it in music videos

like ya’ll seen it in the Muwop.

She gets her little cameos every now and then

but she’s definitely not an everyday.

My favorite watch I’m wearing her right now,

she’s my Richard Mille,

this is one of my birthday gifts this year.

She’s baby pink and she bust down.

This probably my favorite one cause this just a flex

like period.

But then recently I had got this plain AP

for Valentine’s Day.

It’s so cute, aww, gushy gushy.

If this didn’t cost what it costed,

this would be my favorite watch.

You can’t have a Richard and it not be your favorite watch.

That just don’t even make sense.

This my favorite watch by default

but this really my favorite watch.

like I wear this every day.

She don’t get old, she’s just timeless.

My first watch was a bust down Rolex.

This is my first like expensive, expensive watch.

My bust down Rolex was probably like 10, $12,000.

I bought that when I was 19.

Then I got this I paid like 40 for that watch.

This one was my AP Skelly bust down

head to my lyrics I write by her all the time.

It don’t get no better AP than this

this like top of the APs.

My wrist is dainty

like I don’t even need no big ass men’s watch.

Like, if I wear a bust down, it’s going to be this one.

I don’t even really do that one no more, like.

My bracelets really, I accumulated all these at once.

I woke up and I went to Wafi

and I was like, I need some bracelets

and I spent like, a little over 100,

but a lot of times I just wear these by themselves.

Some of them is like getting sized and stuff

so this ain’t all of them.

This what I’m saying, like I need this in a necklace form.

Babe, if you watching, I need this in a necklace form, okay?

The cheapest one is probably like 5,000.

The most expensive one is probably

the one my man bought me

and I don’t even know what that cost.

Atlanta being like rapper central

every fucking rapper is in Atlanta or lives in Atlanta.

It’s a lot of like goddy, layer your chains.

Wear a ring on every finger, bracelets to your elbow

and stuff like that.

So that’s probably what inspire me

to wake up and go get all them damn rings

and bracelets one day.

cause I was just like damn I need to catch up.

I used to really, really be obsessed

with Cubans because they like big and icy,

whatever, but now I like the,

the smallest stuff like this the emerald chain.

I need to get like a, like a tennis

like a chunky pointer tennis like.

Cause I don’t even be wearing my pendants like that

no more.

Too many people got this shit now

It’s just not exciting no more like it used to be.

I actually really love my rings.

I’m not going to lie,

like I got them probably like a year ago.

These the ones I wear

that big heart one, she is seen on stage.

Ya might see her on stage whatever, but

for the most part I’m wearing my two little bands.

My simple bands.

It’s just, it show like, I know she got money.

I don’t even got to see her jewelry collection,

cause I know she got something

sitting in her box at home.

She don’t even wear it.

Like that’s what it give like.

Artists, don’t go wasting your money

’cause you gonna be like me a couple years later

and be like, damn I just got all this shit

I don’t even fucking wear it.

Don’t let all that like hype and the trends

let you go broke.

Now I got the money to spend on this shit.

Don’t go broke trying to impress people that don’t matter.

Thanks GQ, for letting me show y’all my collections.

777, the album out now, go get it.