Veer – Great Expectations

Veer – Great Expectations

The year 2010 promises to be an eventful year for Bollywood with quite a number of significant films to be released. Considering the fact that the previous year proved to be a dismal show for the film industry, this year is fairly important as most releases are big budget ones. The first of the lot is Veer the directorial extravaganza by Anil Sharma, who shot to instant fame with a hit like Gadar.

Veer features nation’s heartthrob Salman Khan in lead role with debutant Zarine Khan playing opposite him as his love interest. The movie is being expected with great fervor among the audiences and critics for quite sometime. Everyone is expecting the film to match the box office collections of Gadar which was a runaway hit in the country.

With this movie actor Salman turns to the role of a script writer. Thus, it has been aptly reported many a times that the movie is very close to his heart and he has left no stone unturned to make it a success story. The movie is in news from the very first day when the promos hit the television and theaters across the country. The craze was such that when the promos came, the actress Zarine Khan was compared to Katrina Kaif in looks. The buzz didn’t end there as people went on to say that she was chosen just for her looks as the former was busy shooting another film. Even the other actress of the movie Liza Lazarus resembles Katrina as said in media circles.

The movie is a must watch as Salman is playing the role of a warrior as a patriotic soldier of his community. His looks are being compared with the looks of Russell Crowe in Gladiator and Brad Pitt in Troy. For these obvious reasons he is the biggest crowd puller of the movie. To back him up, he has one of the biggest hit of 2009 in the name of Wanted.

The movie has an epic setting and it is quite some time that we have not seen a historical drama on screen. The setting of the movie is in the 18th century India showing the enslaving of countrymen and capturing of territories by the British army and soldiers. The story is of the resilient Pindari tribe of the central India which was encircled and destroyed by British army in early 19th century. The movie is in right hands of Anil Sharma who has dealt with a magnum opus before in the name of Gadar. The look and feel of the film is magnificent and shows the dependability brought by him.

Whatever the expectations maybe, it all started with the music release of the film. The music is already hit and topping the charts across the nation. Lyrics are penned by maestro Gulzar and music is by Sajid-Wajid. The action image of Salman also goes in favor of the movie.

Recently, there was news stating a rift among actor cum script writer Salman Khan and the producers as he wanted to remove certain portions. His suggestions were promptly refused by them and left the actor biting the dust. Whatever it may be the movie is hugely anticipated by crowd and there are eyes gawking for the success of the movie as the film industry is in trouble after disastrous movies of 2009. Let’s hope that 2010 brings luck for the industry in the name of Veer.