Using Greeting Cards In Your Scrapbooks

There are a few times during the year when we get greeting cards from other people. If you are like me, you enjoy the cards for a few days either on a table or a mantle and then you throw them out.

Next time, consider creating a scrapbook to hold the cards you’ve received. There are a couple of options of how to attach your greeting cards to your scrapbook. You can actually leave the card intact, and put mounting squares on the back of the card and then attach it to the page. On a 12×12 page you can fit 3 or sometimes 4 cards. You can then decorate the remainder of the page for whatever occasion the cards came for.

Another option is to cut the card and attach only the design portion of the card onto paper in your scrapbook. You can frame the design just as you would frame a photo in your scrapbook. You can create a specific shape for your frame, or you can cut the frame to the same shape as your greeting card design.

You can also repeat the above procedures for the sentiments and/or signature inside the card. Some cards I receive have personal messages written to me, while other cards have nothing personal and a pre-stamped signature from the card giver.

If you have photos of the person who sent the card, you might want to attach a photo below or above the greeting card of the card sender.

You can create an entire scrapbook of greeting cards. I know growing up, there were years my mom and dad received at least 100 cards wishing them a happy new year. They could’ve created an entire album of cards received in any particular years. I personally do not receive anywhere near that amount of cards. I could create a scrapbook with 10 years worth of cards in one album. Greeting card albums can be fun to create and later review.