Use Green Screen to Create Fantasy Photography

Fantasy photography using green screen is one of the ways that my small photography studio has gained more and more in popularity in the last 6 months. Green screening, also known as chroma keying, is often the perfect edge that a small studio can use to blow his competition out of the way. I have noticed that the large studios do not even bother thinking about that useful and innovative tool. While I in my small studio, only by using that amazing tool, could bring something new and fresh to the business. If you want to take your business a step further and separate it from the photography crowd, specializing in the fantasy photography niche is one of the possibilities.

In regard to fantasy photography, we can talk about three main niches: role playing, science fiction and fairy tales. Science fiction is the most popular and it suites all ages from children to adults. In that niche, the more obvious is the genre of “Star Wars” and “Star Trek”. You can find in just a few minutes thousands of cost-players who will be happy to put on a costume, whenever they can and have their picture taken. You can get amazing ideas from your customers about the scene and the back ground they would like to be in.

Another fantasy photography niche includes the role playing games “Dungeons And Dragons” and stories such as the “Lord Of The Rings”, for example. It is going to be a lot of fun taking these types of pictures, shoot your client wearing different costumes in front of the green screen, holding the weapon of their choice in. Then, use digital backgrounds such as stunning nature scenes and old castles.

Fairy tales are the third category for fantasy niches. You will be surprised to know that there is a large group of people that enjoy and love these types of pictures. Not only small children and their mothers like fairy tale photos, female high school seniors also do. To ensure you provide them with instant magic and joyful memories, I would consider taking their pictures in mystical landscape wearing their prom dress.

To achieve a fairy tale scenario pick for your Clint custom any gentle creature and place them in mystical landscapes that give a sense of mystery.

Anime and video game are another niche that can also fit as a fantasy photography. To find inspiring locations look into Japanese and Chinese pictures.

While using green screen for your fantasy photography it does not matter how strange or outlandish the costume may be, and what kind of background you have chosen. Positioning your client in the picture that will look believable to the client, will be the last and most important and you will have repeated business for years to come.