Tom Hanks the “All-rounder” Actor

The next legendary Hollywood stars have no doubt about their quality. Various highest awards and the success of the films he has achieved have delivered him as The Living Legend in the Hollywood cinema scene. Born with the name Thomas Jeffrey Hanks or commonly known as Tom Hanks, this 62-year-old actor is known for playing various genres of films, be it comedy, drama, fantasy, romance, and even thriller, even though he has successfully delivered. But who would have thought, behind the fame in him, there are some interesting facts in the course of his life so far.

Victims of Broken Home

4 years after he was born, his parents divorced. Young Tom and his brothers live with his father while his younger brother lives with his mother. In his childhood, Tom’s family often moved house. Even at the age of ten, Tom has moved house 10 times.

Has a kinship with President Abraham Lincoln

Who would have thought that Woody’s voice actor in Toy Story has a family relationship with the 16th president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. Their kinship is based on their ancestor, namely John Hanks (1680-1740).

Totality in gaining and losing weight

He has played many iconic characters that require Tom Hanks to change his body weight for the totality of the films he plays. Like in the movie A League of Their Own to play Jimmy Dugan, a female baseball coach he had to gain 13 kg of body weight then after that in the film Philadelphia where he had to lose 16 kg to play a gay lawyer who had AIDS, then he had to gain weight again for the movie Saving Private Ryan as a World War II soldier. After that, he had to lose weight similarly drastically while shooting Cast Away, where he had to lose 22 kg.

Youngest AFI Life Achievement Award winner

In June 2002, at 45, Tom Hanks was listed as the youngest actor to receive the prestigious AFI Life Achievement Award. The award is intended to honor a single individual for their lifetime contribution to enriching American culture through film and television.

Often plays the role of Captain.

There are as many as 4 films he played in which Tom Hanks acted as a “Captain.” First in the Apollo 13 film where he played astronaut Jim Lovell, a spaceship captain, then in the war film Saving Private Ryan he played the company leader in World War II, Captain John H. Miller, in the third film Captain Philips he played Richard Phillips a captain of a cargo ship hijacked by Somali pirates and finally in the movie Sully where he played Chesley Sullenberger, an airplane captain.

One of the highest-paid actors of all time

Tom Hanks established his name as one of the highest-paid actors who was ranked fourth. The three ranks above are occupied by Harrison Ford, Samuel L. Jackson, and Morgan Freeman.

Worked as a Bellman at a Hotel and often dropped off celebrities’ luggage

Long before he started his acting career, one of his previous jobs was as a hotel bellman. In fact, he has even delivered some of his luggage in the past, such as Cher, Sidney Poitier, Slappy White, and Bill Withers.

A successful director and producer

Not only wise as an actor, but Tom Hanks can also penetrate the world behind the scenes. Such as being able to work as a producer and director. He has handled many hit films, both as director and producer. Such as Catch Me If You Can, Cast Away, Green Mile, The Da Vinci Code, Toy Story. And 20 other films he has produced and the film That Thing You Do. ! and Larry Crowne which he has directed.

His name is immortalized as Asteroid.

Thanks to his brilliance in the Apollo 13 film. And his dream of becoming an astronaut, in 1996. A group of NASA astronauts managed to find an asteroid called 12818. Thanks.

(compiled from various [email protected] October 29th, 2021)

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