Tips on How to Create Your Own Photo Album

A photo album is a collection of one’s photographs or pictures. Making a photo album will let us preserve our pictures, which represent our past.

The evolution of internet has given birth to online albums. There are also electronic devices that are called digital photo album. There is nothing more special than the traditional picture album. Yeah you may call me obsolete or whatsoever. But don’t you know that traditional photo books have also advantages over those electronic devices? First, making the traditional photo album can make you more creative. You can access and see it whenever you wanted to. I don’t think online and digital photo album can be accessed if there is no electricity or internet connection. There is also a tendency that the images stored in online and digital album will disappear due to viruses and hardware breakdown. Ouch! That really hurts.

Creating your own photo album is fun and challenging. Here, I will give some ideas on how to start your own album, the conventional one. I assumed you already have your photographs in hand. It is very obvious that you cannot start your own album if you don’t have your photographs. You need to have scrapbooking supplies to add depth and color to your album. After securing your photos, select the theme. Are you going to develop an album about what? Is it about wedding? Birthday? Or a farewell party? There are various subjects to be selected. It will be better if you arrange the photos chronologically. Start from the beginning then to the last part of an event. If you choose a wedding as theme, put photos concerning the preparations first. You can use decorative scissors to cut out patterned scrapbooking papers to your album. It will beautify the edges by making it as the album’s border. You can also include the wedding invitation card on your album to make it more detailed. You can put captions using pens. Be sure to have a legible hand writing. If your penmanship is worst, you can ask your friend. Style your captions using distress reinkers and glitters.

You can also make a story line using your photographs. A scrapbook album can also be used as your photo album. Choose the best pictures to make your album better. You don’t have to include all photos you have at a particular event as it will make your album overcrowded and cluttered.

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