The ultimate cheat sheet for photographers

The ultimate cheat sheet for photographers

Photography has become extremely accessible in this day and age, with high-quality cameras just a reach away on our phones. But with everything so automated these days, how can you be sure you’re taking the best photos?

Well, this super-nifty cheat sheet might be exactly what you’re looking for. With so many powerful photography tools right at our fingertips, it’s worth brushing up on your manual mode photography knowledge. And that’s where this amazing photography cheat sheet from Skylum can help. 

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The photography cheat sheet infographic

It’s all about balancing your aperture, ISO and shutter speed (Image credit: Skylum)

We first noticed this handy guide earlier this year, but it’s still the best photographic cheat sheet we’ve found, as a clear, visual explanation of the exposure triangle. It covers all you need to know about shutter speed, aperture and ISO. 

The infographic even includes a brief guide on how to shoot your favourite shots, whether you like shooting your meals, portraits, waterfalls or even concerts, Skylum has added the exposure settings to guarantee you’re taking the best shots you can. 

A segment of the infographic

The infographic gives you all the details you need to know about shooting stars (Image credit: Skylum)

The secret behind manual photography is that each aspect will affect another, so you have to find the perfect balance between all three. For example, if you want to take a photo of a fast-moving shot, then you have to make sure your shutter speed is quick enough to capture it, but in less light, you will have to open the aperture or boost the ISO so you can capture the right light as well.