The Terminator movies, ranked worst to best

The Terminator movies have brought fans sci-fi greatness with cyborg assassins, excellent action scenes, and honestly, some great laughs. Arnie wasn’t wrong, we did keep coming back for more… but what would a ranking list of The Terminator franchise look like? Well, fortunately, we’ve rewatched all six of The Terminator movies (thanks to our The Terminator streaming guide) to create this ultimate list from worst to best, so you don’t have to – because sadly we don’t all have access to time travel.

Whilst there have been some truly magnificent movies in this iconic franchise, my God, have there been some questionable ones too. From the classic earlier Terminator movies to those later in the franchise built on more complicated timelines and plot twists, each movie has continuously shot for the moon with each go at box-office success – some hitting the spot and others falling short.