The main benefits of becoming a museum member

The Moco Museum is one of the most popular destinations for lovers of art in Amsterdam. It has so much in store for you. However, in case you are looking for the best possible experience, you may want to actually become a member of the museum. Registration is required but once you are done, you get access to some of the most amazing perks the Moco Museum has to offer. So, what are the benefits of becoming a member of the Moco? Here is the list:

Free audio tour

There is no doubt exploring the artwork in the Moco Museum can be done without too much guidance. But an audio tour that allows you to get a deep background of every art piece will be perfect. Traditionally, visitors will need to pay to access an audio tour of the museum. However, registered members get this free of charge. This will not only make your Moco experience more fulfilling but it also helps you cut costs every time you are in here.

Save money when you bring friends and family

The Moco is also a great place for group visits. Whether you plan to bring the whole family or colleagues from work, there is so much to enjoy here as a group. However, group visits can be a bit expensive. But members don’t have to worry. In fact, there is a special family and friends discount for all registered members of the Moco Museum. While the discount may vary from time to time, it can hit as high as 25%.

Priority access to exclusive events

The Moco Museum is of course open to everyone. But not all exhibitions and events will be open to the general public. Such exclusive exhibitions require special passes to access. Luckily, this special access is only available for registered members. A lot of new artists showcase their work at the Moco. In some cases, a themed art gallery can be organized to give collectors the chance to view and buy impressive pieces. These are all exclusive events and will only be accessible by registered Moco members.

Discounts at the gift shop

The Moco gift shop is filled with a lot of memorabilia. After all, exhibitions Amsterdam are all special events. It makes sense that you would want to mark this amazing experience with a piece of memorabilia. Well, if you are a member of the Moco, you are going to save a lot of money with discounts of up to 15% at the gift shop.