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The Idea of Web Design – Fundamental Principles of Designing a Website

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Does it shock you if I said that there was no web design concept when Internet came into being only 17 years ago? Yes, the browsers were given the capability to format only text matter for it wasn’t foreseen as being capable of hijacking the very idea for which it was created, in such proportions unimaginable in that era. Yes, I am speaking truth and ironically enough, even to this date, good web design principles call for checking each new web page using “text only” browsers.

So what is The Modern Web Design Concept Then? I could easily say that modern web design process is both an art and science of putting together a collection of web pages in either or both of static and dynamic format but I would like to liken it to a whole span of business process involving lots of processes and web specific elements.

Of course, in the very basic tenet, we mean web design to be a process of creating functional, hypertext marked and eye-pleasing pages for whatever reason, but it is here that lies the real job which starts from conceptualizing a website till end result.

Web Design Begins With Conceptualization With objectives and implementation being central to any good web design process, the aspect of aesthetics plays its role in web presentation process. Let me simplify this for you. Any good web design process begins with planning the whole architecture of the website after lots of deliberation ahead of designing even a single page. Since the whole idea of having a website is mainly commercial or to provide information to its millions of users, functionality scores high to its target audience.

It doesn’t mean that web design process can ignore design aspects such as layouts, color schemes etc. In fact, it is the next major thing that tells visitors what your website provides & stands for by creating specific impressions in their minds about you and your services. In short, a well designed website holds your prospective customer on the website by casting the first impression and by creating interest about your product or services.

It is not enough to have the website built to please the customers alone. The design principles must conform to the basic tenets of web design as recommended by W3C and Search Engine Optimization principles if you are targeting your website towards your customers.

What is more, web design must facilitate both producer and consumer. The design needs continuous refining and tweaking to keep up with the pace with which Internet is growing otherwise your site will be looking old and obsolete.

What is My Final Word on Web Design Process Web Designing takes a combination of technical and creative skills and none of them is less significant than the other. It is not simply something about designing layouts often ending up with cluttered pages carrying heaps of links, a flash movie clip only to repent later. Indeed web design has more to it than meets the eye.

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