The Best Jewelry for Men To Sport Every Day in 2022

The Best Jewelry for Men To Sport Every Day in 2022
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In today’s fashion landscape, with the resurgence of men’s jewelry well underway, the only rule is that there are no rules. Easy enough, right? That said, jewelry options for men abound, meaning things can get a little overwhelming.

If you’re new to the men’s jewelry game, take it back to basics by starting with simpler pieces. Maybe wearing anything on your finger other than a wedding band sounds too adventurous—that’s okay too. The best jewelry for men includes whatever you feel comfortable with, even if that means opting for items that are more personal and lowkey.

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Jewelry for men can also be very loud and brash, and if that’s your vibe, then consider upping the ante with even more over-the-top pieces to reflect your personality and style. When it comes down to it, accessorizing your looks to elevate your fits should be fun—you get to choose where you wear, what and how is too much or too little.

But should you be in need of inspiration as you head on your jewelry journey, take a cue or two from the famous fashion aficionados who’ve been leading the charge in the trend like Bad Bunny, Shawn Mendes, Maluma and ASAP Rocky, who all leave plenty to lust after.

Go ahead, take a look at our 20 best jewelry picks for men—which include chains, necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings and even watches—and start adding another level to your looks, stat.

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Best Necklace

Gold-Plated Necklace

In short: It’s simple, sophisticated and infinitely versatile. Then, of course, there’s the fact it’s located in London’s prestigious jewelry district, Hatton Garden, where the super-cool brand blends high-tech design with its unique heritage.

Logo-Engraved Burnished Silver-Tone Chain Necklace

Not as flashy as gold, but equally stylish and ideal for all-round wear, this chain—which is made from polished silver-tone brass—includes an insignia-inscribed clasp that gives it that extra bit of Saint Laurent chic.

Deedee Enamel, Pearl and Gold-Plated Necklace

Éliou, a handmade-in-Miami label inspired by sea and sand has amassed a huge star following, with couple Hailey and Justin Bieber both spotted in Éliou items. Let’s be honest: The best jewelry is even better when it has a genderless, everyday appeal.

Silver Heart Pendant Necklace

If you’re looking to enter the wonderful world of pendants in a subtle way, a delicate heart-shaped number with just enough power is a good gateway. Plus, we all need a little more love in this life—and it makes for a great gift to give someone you love, too.

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Tiger Eye Beaded Necklace

In case you’ve missed the memo, beaded jewelry is cool—and yes, we do mean beyond just the schoolyard. Tiger eye is a total classic, with its golden-yellow tint believed to guide sound decision-making, as well as fend off the evil eye. Sounds like a no-brainer to us.

Best Ring

Heritage Brute Classic Tri-Link Sterling Silver Ring

The jewelry house’s distinct tri-link designs count Lenny Kravitz and David Beckham as fans. Proudly handcrafted in America, this sterling silver ring makes for a great signature accessory—as well as a future heirloom.

Olympus Signet Ring in Gold Vermeil/Black

The signet ring’s original purpose was to seal and validate documents with wax—real old-school style. However, today’s designs have evolved into even better statement pieces, like Miansai’s gold signet ring, which boasts an elegant black enamel surface.

18-Karat Rose Gold Icon Thin Band Ring

The instantly recognizable GG motif is engraved on this otherwise understated ring. It’s unabashedly Gucci, yet tame enough for anywhere, all-the-time wear. We’d say that’s hitting the sweet spot.

The Nightwatcher Ring

Finding solace in Dante’s Divine Comedy as a means to realize her own place in the world led jewelry designer Rosh Mahtani to launch Alighieri in 2014. And the results, like this sterling silver ring with a hammered-effect, are a storyteller’s dream.

Men’s Streamline Titanium Band Ring

David Yurman’s son, Evan Yurman, began to truly establish the company’s menswear presence in the early aughts when he was appointed the design director of the men’s and timepieces collections. We love that this beautifully unfussy ring, which is part of the Streamline collection, features the brand’s signature cable detailing on the inside of the band.

Best Bracelet

Elements 14-Karat Gold and Enamel Beaded Bracelet

Miami-based Brazilian jewelry designer Luis Morais made his mark back in 2001 when his beaded men’s bracelets began to take off. Fast-forward to today and, as you can see, his pieces still look as fresh as ever. Stack these in multiples for next-level style.

Sister Hook 18-Karat Gold Bracelet

Murat and Beth Bugdaycay are the husband-and-wife duo behind Foundrae, an award-winning jewelry powerhouse. The label’s Sister Hook bracelet looks magical as is, but the belcher-chain links are devised for you to deck with the brand’s best jewels, trinkets and charms.

Silver Snake Cuff Bracelet

The Jacquie Aiche name is all about positive vibes and vibrations. Drawing inspiration from her Native American and Egyptian heritage, the Los Angeles-based jewelry designer creates pieces that look more like stylish amulets to keep near and dear. This silver snake-shaped cuff is an absolute winner.

Double-Wrap Leather Bracelet

The four brothers behind lifestyle accessories label Ezra Arthur aim to craft jewelry that’ll last a lifetime. If rugged minimalism is your aesthetic, you’ll be set with this elevated double-wrap leather bracelet.

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Men’s 1.7G Sterling Silver Cord Bracelet

A cord bracelet for men is a surefire way to level up any fashionable fit. Enter Le Gramme—a label renowned for crafting the simplest and cleanest menswear pieces—with its glimmering take on the style featuring a branded silver plaque.

Best Earring

14-Karat Gold Plain Clicker Earring

The highly regarded piercing magnate’s vast array of embellishments has made her a jewelry mainstay, which is why men and women worldwide turn to the brand for both showy and timeless numbers. Simply put, this uncomplicated and classic clicker hoop earring speaks for itself.

Men’s Onyx Stud Earrings in Sterling Silver

Earrings for men can range from the ultra-blingy to the more muted, and Effy’s round onyx gemstones find a perfect middle ground. These are subtle enough for daywear—and the lovely luster guarantees a shiny night out.

Gold-Plated Bolt-Polished Ear Cuff

If getting an actual piercing is a step too far out of your jewelry safety zone, consider slipping on an elegant ear cuff. Artisanal designer Emanuele Bicocchi makes the case for ear cuffs with the perfect glam-rock piece.

Best Fashion Watch

Silicone Strap Watch

The Italian luxury fashion goods company prides itself on beautifully bringing its house codes onto its Swiss-made watches. Aptly named the Ferragamo Urban watch, it may lean toward the casual side, but it’s more than just a pretty face.

On Fadelite Smartwatch

It took some time for smartwatches to be fully embraced by devout fashion followers, but Diesel’s approach to the smartwatch world proves that these digital accessories can be as beautiful in form as they are advanced in their tech.

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