The Best Jewelry Boxes for Men To Keep Their Gems Safe and Sound

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Guys, what have you got in the jewelry and accessories department? Necklaces? Bracelets? Signet rings? Watches? Cufflinks? Well, where do you keep them?

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You’re really missing out if you say anything but a men’s jewelry box. A men’s jewelry box, also known as a valet box, helps keep all of your possessions neatly in one place. And while some may think of jewelry boxes as a necessity for women, guys can also benefit from having a safe place to store their valuables.

Jewelry boxes might feel catered the majority of the time toward women. However, there are many dapper jewelry box options men can feel more than comfortable leaving on their dressers or nightstand. Ranging in effortlessly handsome modern and vintage designs, not only will a men’s jewelry box keep your most valuable accessories safely tucked away, helping keep clutter at bay while adding a sophisticated touch to your living space.

Whether you’re a watch collector or a ring bearer, we’ve gathered together the best men’s jewelry boxes you can find online now, from reasonably priced masculine jewelry boxes from Amazon to modern masterpieces at Leatherology. Read on and decide which fits your needs and preferences the best.

1. BEWISHOME Watch Box Organizer


This men’s jewelry box is an excellent option for showing off your collectibles while keeping any other jewel you might have safely stowed away for guys with a growing watch collection. This organizer is designed for true flaunting, giving the owner the ability to display up to 10 watches through a glass casing at the top. You will have a safe space for a time check, while the box also has a pullout drawer for keeping any rings, necklaces, bracelets, pins, or sunglasses secure on the inside. This jewelry box is crafted from faux leather but looks just as good as any high-grade leather alternative. The top lid also buckles down for extra safety, so if you accidentally drop this organizer, all of your watches will stay safely stowed on the top.

BEWISHOME Watch Box Organizer

BEWISHOME Watch Box Organizer

Buy: BEWISHOME Watch Box Organizer $36.99 (orig. $39.98) 7% OFF

2. Leatherology Watch & Bracelet Box

It doesn’t get more handsome than this full-grain leather, minimalistic jewelry box to hold all your gadgets and gizmos. This box looks so silky smooth that it almost looks good enough to eat. It comes with a removable watch and bracelet pillows for customization, meaning you can fit just about whatever you need to. It is an alluring additive to keep on your desk or nightstand. With four different colored leather options, you can choose whatever fits your style the best. You can even have this stylish men’s jewelry box personalized upon request to make it extra special.

Leatherology Watch & Bracelet Box

Leatherology Watch & Bracelet Box

Buy: Leatherology Watch & Bracelet Box $150.00

3. NEX 6-Slot Leather Watch Box Display

If you’re the type to forgo bracelets, necklaces, earrings and the rest of it all but can’t stop adding new watches to your collection, look no further than this six-slot leather jewelry box to show off your time tellers. While it might not fit a horologist’s entire watch collection, six slots are a nice number to strive for most guys. If you have more than six, pick your top choices and most worn to throw in for all to see. The box itself is pretty compact, which is excellent for small spaces, so even if you think you don’t have enough room on your nightstand for this, there is a good chance you do.

NEX 6 Slot Leather Watch Box Display

NEX 6 Slot Leather Watch Box Display

Buy: NEX-6 Slot Leather Watch Box Display $15.26 (orig. $25.99) 41% OFF

4. Mele & Co. Maria Large Flocked Jewelry Box

Mele & Co. has some pretty stellar unisex jewelry box options, but we love this jewelry box for its sheer size. If you’re a jewelry hoarder, this flocked jewelry box will hold everything you own without any problem. It has a black velvet exterior that can make it look a bit more feminine for some, but we know you have the good taste to rock it in your bedroom anyway. Who cares? It’s 2022. Aside from the copious amount of space you’ll get with this box, there is also a mirror on top, so you can check out how good you look before heading out the door.

Mele & Co. Maria Large Flocked Jewelry Box

Mele & Co. Maria Large Flocked Jewelry Box

Buy: Mele & Co. Maria Large Flocked Jewelry Box $35.00

5. Vlando Small Faux Leather Travel Jewelry Box

We know what you’re doing whenever you travel, and we want you to stop. Those small zip pockets on the sides of your weekend bag are not for loose jewelry pieces. When it’s time to take your jewels on the go, snag yourself a travel jewelry box for safekeeping at your home away from home. Throwing them in a bag as if your expensive Rolex or gold chain necklace is your Dollar Store toothbrush is almost barbaric, so keep it contained in this zipped masterpiece. This jewelry box has a simple, compact design that can hold all your favorites you’ll need on your next trip. It comes in various colors, but we love this black faux leather option pictured below because of its sleek, sophisticated appeal. At less than $20, this zippered travel box is more than worth the buy.

Vlando Small Faux Leather Travel Jewelry Box

Vlando Small Faux Leather Travel Jewelry Box

Buy: Vlando Small Faux Leather Travel Jewelry Box $11.49 (orig. $19.99) 43% OFF

6. Mark & Graham 12-Piece Watch Box

This 12-piece watch box is made from durable faux leather with micro-suede lining to fit and protect your most precious timepieces. It features a transparent display case design that allows you to view its contents and features a small hole in the back corner so you can keep your smartwatch charged and ready to wear. Mark & Graham also provides the opportunity to personalize with an etched monogram on top.

Mark & Graham 12 PIECE WATCH BOX

Mark & Graham 12 PIECE WATCH BOX

Buy: Mark & Graham 12-Piece Watch Box $139.00

7. Glenor Co Cufflink Box for Men

If you have a collection of cufflinks that need organizing, the Glenor Co cufflink box is just the thing you need. It holds up to 35 pairs of cufflinks in a sleek yet plush easy-view box and keeps things organized and simple to reach when needed.

Glenor Co Cufflink Box for Men

Glenor Co Cufflink Box for Men

Buy: Glenor Co Cufflink Box for Men $44.95

8. Book Safe with Combination Lock

Some guys are more secretive than others and don’t want their expensive jewelry on display for anyone to see. This book safe with combination lock is a trustworthy jewelry box option that’ll keep your stuff stowed away safely in plain sight. We love a good diversion safe, and this clever safe is precisely why. Since it’s a dictionary, it will never need to be touched by any nosy friends coming over. Who looks at a dictionary? Plus, since it has a combination lock, they’ll never know the code to open it, even if someone spots your decoy.

Book Safe with Combination Lock

Book Safe with Combination Lock

Buy: Book Safe with Combination Lock $13.99

9. Mele & Co. Davin Wooden Dresser Top Valet

It should be obvious why we’re practically drooling over this walnut-finished wooden jewelry box from Mele & Co. It’s a modern staple every man needs in his bedroom. Inside there are two spaces that can hold mobile phones or tablets and various cubbies for holding individual pieces of jewelry. Hold your looser items, including necklaces and earrings, in separate locations with ease. There are even some larger drawers where you can place a watch or two.

Mele & Co. Davin Men's Wooden Dresser Top Vale

Mele & Co. Davin Men’s Wooden Dresser Top Vale

Buy: Mele & Co. Davin Wooden Dresser Top Valet $58.00 (orig. $68.00) 15% OFF

10. AUTOARK Leather 8-Piece Eyeglasses Storage

Keep eyewear safe and secure in this eight-piece eyeglass storage box. It’s made of high-grade PU leather and features a separate compartment to keep your specs organized. The clear glass top allows you to view contents as needed quickly.

AUTOARK Leather 8 Piece Eyeglasses Storage

AUTOARK Leather 8 Piece Eyeglasses Storage

Buy: AUTOARK Leather 8 Piece Eyeglasses Storage $18.99

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