The Advantages and Disadvantages of Talent Management Modelling

Every type of modelling has its own advantages and disadvantages. We are going to look at these from the talent management modelling perspective.

Talent management

Model management has both its pros and cons. Some people might feel trapped by another planning their career and future, without having any say in it while others believe it is a benefit to have a manager planning everything to a tee. In addition to career planning model management also includes additional training and classes, the training in itself is a big advantage of model management, but the costs involved can be high and difficult to plan for.

Talent management modelling gives the model the full package deal in the services of a manager. The manager will also arrange travel and accommodation related to modelling jobs that removes excess stress from the model and ensures that the model arrives at the shoot in a calm and collected state. Even though some people appreciate others planning their day to functions; it can be a problem for models with control issues.


The agency are there to ensure the safety and protection of their models, this includes ensuring that all jobs are legitimate and even proving chaperones to accompany the models to modelling jobs. Additional safety benefits of talent management modelling include information and tips on what photographers and training institutions to use, as some of these are also out to hurt or scam the models. The cons of having a chaperone around mean a possible block in the creative flow of the model.

Better modelling jobs

One of the benefits of model management is the possible provision of better modelling jobs. The training suggested by the manager will ensure that the model is more multi-functional or specialised in specific skills sets. The cons of better jobs might mean additional travel, more commissions payable and less time available to go to castings.

Having a lot of high paying talent management modelling jobs might also require the payment of taxes on your earnings.


A function of a model agency includes marketing and advertising the model to ensure that they find more work or sign contracts with multiple booking agencies. This advertising and marketing might mean a bigger salary in your pocket. The con of advertising is that you might be needed on short notice to take part in auditions and casting sessions.


Talent management modelling sometimes benefits the model by providing them higher paying jobs. Agencies and management companies are known to have better insights and connections in the market that enables them to place higher prices on their models because of the quality and consistency of the work delivered. A con of higher payment means you have to pay more commission to the agency and manager. 20 % might not be much on a small job, but when it comes to the bigger ones it might hurt your earnings.