The 25 Best Online Jewelry Stores to Buy Everything from Chunky Hoops to Trendy Engagement Rings

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Whether you’re upgrading your gold hoop collection, planning to gift mom with a luxury necklace for Mother’s Day or surprising your special person with a sparkling engagement ring, we’ve got plenty of shopping options for you. If you’re like us and prefer to shop from the comfort of your home, here are a few tips for buying jewelry online so you have the most seamless experience.


While you don’t have a jewelry specialist right in front of you for immediate assistance, there are still ways to get the most out of your online experience.

  • Research the brand. Immerse yourself in the site, read the customer reviews and take a look at their social media feeds to get a better sense of what the brand stands for and how they conduct business.

  • Scope out their customer service. If you have an issue or a question, there should be resources to assist you every step of the way. Ask yourself: “Are they willing to help me make a return? Are there specialists on standby to help me with my purchase?”

  • Examine their policies. What incentives do they offer? From free shipping to polishing to resizing, these features can help you make the best decision when purchasing an item. It’s also important to examine their return and warranty policy because things happen. If you’re already on the fence about a purchase and see no wiggle room for returns or exchanges, don’t bother investing in something and stressing yourself out further down the line.

  • Understand the material/quality. From diamonds to gemstones to gold, you want to make sure you’re buying authentic pieces. The last thing you want is to waste major $$$ on fake pieces or see your jewelry change color before your eyes. Sometimes it takes a little digging to vet the quality of an item. When it comes to diamonds and gemstones, they go through a grading process to determine their value and are analyzed by color, cut, clarity and carat weight. For gold, a nifty trick is to check the engraved stamp on your item or run a magnet through the piece to seek if it connects. If it does, you definitely don’t have a gold number in your hands.

  • Write down your (or gift recipient’s) measurements. It’ll make the process a lot easier if you have the exact necklace and/or ring measurements ready to narrow your search.

Now that you’re up to speed on what to look for, here are the 25 best online jewelry stores to buy everything from affordable gold hoops at Mejuri to personalized necklaces at Made By Mary and trendy engagement rings at Vrai.

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Best Variety

From home decor to personalized gifts, Etsy is a one-stop-shop for local businesses. So, it’s no surprise they have a huge selection of jewelry brands to fit your needs. Check out Caitlyn Minimalist for customized name pieces, Sami Jewels for dainty stacked rings and Ubuntu for birthstones and statement earrings. “Ubuntu is a Black woman-owned business and has a gorgeous selection of beach-inspired accessories. I especially love that the proceeds go to orphans in need, so I feel like I’m supporting a great cause,” says Nakeisha Campbell, assistant editor of News and Entertainment at PureWow.

Shop Etsy

Best for Sensitive Skin

Not every jewelry piece is created with all skin types in mind. Thankfully, Tini Lux is changing the game by offering earrings and necklaces for those with sensitive skin and metal allergies. “I have super sensitive ears (multiple attempts at piercings, multiple infections and closures) so I love that Tini Lux offers hypoallergenic earrings which is the safest metal we can stick in our bodies,” says Catrina Yohay, managing editor at PureWow. Whether you prefer small gold hoops or starter studs, everything is made with pure titanium that’s comfortable and chic for daily wear.

Shop Tini Lux

Most Sustainable

In 2016, GLDN launched with a dream to create personalized pieces. Six years later, the brand continues to provide quality, affordable jewelry—from birth flower necklaces to micro signet rings. The brand has also shown a growing commitment to sustainability by using 90 percent recycled metals in their pieces and focusing on creating mostly made-to-order pieces so that they don’t waste materials. “I love GLDN! The selection is so dainty for everyday pieces. They also have such good options for gifting moms, friends, etc,” raves Olivia Kappler, commerce editor at PureWow.


Most Affordable

This NYC brand offers fine jewelry at affordable prices. Founder Nadine McCarthy Kahane was tired of paying expensive mark-ups on high-quality pieces, so she launched Stone and Strand. You’ll find sustainable accessories that are 100 percent ethically sourced and conflict-free. “I’m a Stone and Strand gal. They have a lot of everyday pieces that are relatively well-priced and layer well with other things I already own,” shares Jenny Jin, beauty director at PureWow. Some of our favorites include the baguette diamond line band, the white diamond huggie earrings and diamond bead chain necklace.

Shop Stone and Strand

Best Gold Jewelry

With a name like Baby Gold, expect top-tier gold finds. This family-owned business offers 14k gold jewelry and diamonds for any occasion. From the Kardashians to Ashley Graham, the brand has a cult following. “I have been eyeing Baby Gold’s affordable, solid gold paper clip chain necklaces,” adds Dana Dickey, senior editor at PureWow. Whether you want signature pieces like their 14k gold grand herringbone necklace or a custom diamond custom name necklace, you’ll be dripping in luxury.

Shop Baby Gold

Best for Daily Wear

If you’re looking for signature pieces to rock every day, look no further than Mejuri’s collection. They’re dedicated to making fine jewelry that fits easily into your lifestyle. “I found Mejuri because I saw a jewelry industry that was built for men gifting women and not women celebrating themselves,” writes CEO Noura Sakkijha. So surprise yourself with some croissant hoops, a garnet stone ring or pearl earrings because you deserve it.

Shop Mejuri

Best Diamond Jewelry

Alexa, play “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend.” Brilliant Earth has an exquisite diamond selection down to the shape. Go ring shopping and find the perfect engagement ring (like the Petite Twisted Vine) or a special anniversary gift (like the Versailles Diamond) that captures your relationship. Regardless of the occasion, you can be assured that all of their jewelry is conflict-free, ethically-sourced and made with sustainable materials.

Shop Brilliant Earth

Best Handcrafted Jewelry

Catbird’s unique name matches its one-of-a-kind jewelry collection. The Brooklyn-based company uses gold, diamonds and gemstones to make all the staples you need for yourself or that special person in your life. But it’s the collaborations with places like The Met and creators like Cassi Namoda that sets them apart from their competitors. We also love the sprinkle of Big Apple inspo featured in some of their key charms, hoop earrings and bracelets.

Shop Catbird

Best Classic Jewelry

Aurate’s mission is simple: “You set the gold bar, we simply strive to meet it.” From 14K gold to pearls, the site is filled with sleek rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets (our go-to is the 14k gold connection necklace). It’s such a beloved brand that even Kerry Washington is a big fan.

Shop Aurate

Best Statement Jewelry

We love minimal pieces, but sometimes we like to make a statement. Missoma is the perfect online destination for finding a bold staple to add to your wardrobe. From chandelier hoop earrings to a pearl serpent ear cuff, prepare for people to ask you where you got your jewelry.

Shop Missoma

Most Trendy

Speaking of statement pieces, Baublebar also delivers on head-turning jewelry. Known as “your destination for accessories with a wink,” this ten-year-old brand adds a whimsical touch to their products. Their unique includes collabs with brands like Disney, the NBA and the NFL. We can’t get enough of their tarot card necklace, tequila-inspired stud earrings and bennett tennis bracelet.

Shop Baublebar

Best for Minimalist Pieces

Auvere was born out of a love story between co-founders Gina Love and Steven Feldman, who shared a passion for jewelry. In 2016, the brand launched with the sole purpose to provide modern 22- and 24-karat gold pieces to the world. The name, which is Italian for “to have, to own, to hold, to wear and to receive,” speaks to its minimalist but stylish staples that you can readily wear to work (like the Pavo Necklace) or a night out (like the Linear Threader earrings).

Shop Auvere

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Best Engagement Rings

If you’re ready to pop the question (or give your partner a hint), Vrai can help with your ring shopping. This luxury brand offers diamond pieces in every style to fit any aesthetic. Create your own engagement ring or browse through their already-made selection. (We love “The Signature” and “The Three Stone”). We definitely see a yes in your future with this bling.

Shop Vrai

Best Staple Pieces

Kinn is all about designing jewelry that lasts a lifetime. After her parents lost most of their antique jewelry in a home robbery, CEO Jennie Yoon dedicated herself to creating classic, durable pieces made from recycled materials. From a mini hoop earrings to pearl huggies to gold and silver stacking rings, these staples can elevate even the most simple outfit.

Shop Kinn

Best Colorful Pieces

Who said jewelry has to be just silver or gold? The Last Line upgrades the classics with fun, colorful staples instead. The brand aims to create a new generation of heirlooms that feature bright and bold shades to dress up any look. Whether you’re in the market for a rainbow tennis bracelet or an emerald necklace, you’ll definitely add a welcomed splash of color and a whole lot of sparkle to your jewelry box.

Shop The Last Line

Best for Layering

If you’re all about layering, Gorjana makes it simple to rock all your favorite staples together. Since 2004, the jewelry brand continues to teach customers a thing or two about mixing metals, ring stacking and showing the best stud and hoop combo for your ears. We’ve already added the rose ring set and Parker layering duo to our carts to get started.

Shop Gorjana

Best for Customizable Jewelry

Verlas has a wide range of curated pieces, but it’s the customizable feature that hooks customers in. If you’re missing that in-store experience, the company brings it right to your home. Request a few pieces and try them out from the comforts of your couch before making a decision. Still feeling indecisive? Ask to be paired up with a concierge, who can work with you to create your own customized platinum halo ring, 14k gold tennis bracelet or heart necklace.

Shop Verlas

Best Studs

We love a classic diamond stud, but sometimes we want to switch things up a bit. From a serpent stud to a pearl set (featuring a huggie and stud combo) or a silver collection for multiple piercings, the popular piercing studio makes it easier to decorate your ears in a way that makes a chic statement.

Shop Studs

Best Silver Jewelry

Yes, gold jewelry has our hearts, but there’s something about diamonds and silver pieces that screams glam. Noémie provides timeless accessories that makes us feel like we’re walking the red carpet. We can’t stop staring at their 18k eternity ring, white gold huggie earrings and five-diamond necklace.

Shop Noémie

Best Men’s Jewelry

Surprise your beau with some jewelry this year. Allurez has a ring collection that keeps things simple, traditional or fancy shmancy. And don’t worry, there’s plenty of pieces for you, too. In fact, we think the black-and-white diamond accent ring has your name written all over it.

Shop Allurez

Best Gemstones

Founder Kendra Scott always had a love for natural gemstones and saw the vibrant pieces missing in the jewelry space. So, in 2004, she launched her brand to make affordable luxury gems accessible to everyone. The robust collection features iridescent drop earrings, amethyst choker necklaces and light blue opal studs for any stone and crystal fans out there.

Shop Kendra Scott

Best Personalized Jewelry

Nothing says “you’re special” quite like personalized jewelry. Made By Mary’s signature disc style makes any necklace, bracelet or ring memorable. For your mom to your partner, each piece is handstamped in gold to show off their initials, name and/or a significant date. As explained by the founder, “Each Made by Mary piece is lovingly handmade and can be personalized based on your direction, making it simple and beautiful for you to tell your story and keep it close to your heart.”

Shop Made By Mary

Best for Hoops

Looking for gold hoops to add to your jewelry collection? Ten Wilde has staple earrings in every size—from their Amalfi hoops to the Chloe shell earrings. This BIPOC-owned brand combines trendy and classic baubles that fit every ‘fit. And while we’re a big fan of their hoops, don’t sleep on their chic necklaces and waist chain picks (like the popular gold marquise style) either.

Shop Ten Wilde

Best Statement Earrings

Speaking of hoop earrings, Maison Miru is known for taking their classic pieces to the next level. Just look at their “Shooting Star” open hoop earrings. Their jewelry is meant to work well with other styles and decorate your ears like they’re the life of the party. Go with the standard hoop or bedazzle your helix with mini crystal earrings. The possibilities are endless.

Shop Maison Miru

Best for Everyone On Your List

This Rhode Island-based company focuses on modern and functional jewelry. Whether that’s a charm for you and your besties, a necklace for your sister or a pair of earrings for yourself (psst, we recommend the sculptural hoops or the little shrimp ones), Air and Anchor has a set for every person in your life.

Shop Air and Anchor

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