Spencer Pratt Opens Up About His New Reality Show ‘Judge Me’

Spencer Pratt


Spencer Pratt.

Spencer Pratt is back – in a very big way!

On the heels of his two-season stint on the reality TV revival “The Hills: New Beginnings,” the MTV veteran is changing things up. Pratt will headline a new interactive show, “Judge Me,” where he will be the king of the court.

The Pratt Daddy founder teased the new Looped Live show in an Instagram post, writing, “Join me LIVE on @looped for my brand new livestream show, JUDGE ME! Come step inside my virtual stage on Feb. 17 for a chance to be vindicated and share your wildest dramas, stories, and disputes. My virtual audience and I will help right your wrongs!”

Per a press release, fans will submit “unfiltered” disputes with friends, family, co-workers, or even strangers that will be settled by Pratt. The 10-episode court-style reality show will feature “The Hills” star grilling the dueling parties, calling witnesses, and consulting with a jury of virtual audience members before giving his final verdict.

Spencer Pratt

Photo courtesy of Looped LiveSpencer Pratt stars in ‘Judge Me.’


Heavy caught up with Pratt ahead of the “Judge Me” premiere, and he gave us the complete scoop on the show – including the famous friends we may see pop in – as well as what else he’s been up to.

HEAVY:  What can you tell us about ‘Judge Me’ and how you got involved with it?

Spencer Pratt: I think digital and interactive content is the way of the future—my friends have been talking about avatars and the Metaverse for a while now, which always intrigued me— so when Looped wanted to partner on ‘Judge Me’ I was really excited about the opportunity because of how they are evolving in the content space. The platform allows me to genuinely connect with fans in real-time and really make them a part of the show. There is a sense of connection with the audience and consolidation of different facets of the viewing experience that can’t always be streamlined in real-time on traditional or linear content or get lost.

Beyond that, I’ve been judged my whole life and so we’re really flipping the script on its head and opening up the discussion to hear from fans who have been judged. We’re opening it up to submissions from fans to help drive the show [where they can submit on events.loopedlive.com/judgeme]. And we’re not just limited to civil or court cases, but also moments and conflicts that we all go through. People that want to feel heard—in every corner of the internet right now, we see judgment happening daily. We’ll be discussing people’s dramas and disputes through a different lens by giving them a platform to state their piece when so often things can get buried in the comments or drowned out.

HEAVY: What has the response been like? Can you tease anything about the stories and disputes you’ve seen so far?

SP: The response has been great, there’s nothing like this out there and I think people are really ready to evolve and content should match that. We’re giving fans a chance to be a part of the show live, in real time and creating a positive space for people to have fun and connect not only with me but with each other to create a community of trust.

One of my Pratt Daddy employees, Kate Haralson, went viral last year for connecting with a celebrity on Raya and posting a video about it. The video was meant to be funny and bring awareness to her experience as a young girl being approached by older celebrities, but the backlash was swift and unexpected when you compare her experience to other TikTok-ers that have gone viral for similar reasons. I’m going to give her a chance to share her side of things and present evidence, as well as bring on her friend as a witness to everything that happened.  Our audience will get a chance to ask questions and maybe come away with a different perspective. I don’t want to give away too much, but we’re going to have a lot of special surprise guests this season and I’m excited for our audience to see.

HEAVY: What’s your favorite part about the new show?

SP: This is a feel-good show, and despite the name, we’re hoping that people walk away with a positive takeaway or message because we give them a chance to present themselves in an unfiltered way and grow from the feedback they receive to be able to move on.  The unique technology we’ve built using Looped’s platform allows for people to feel that element of human connection even through their computers. Of course, we’ll also be prescribing Pratt Daddy crystals and teaching them how they can help them in certain situations so people can continue to receive healing energy whether they’ve been unfairly judged or judged someone else.

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag

GettySpencer Pratt and Heidi Montag.

HEAVY: Is Heidi involved at all? What does she think of you being a Judge?

SP: Heidi is half of Speidi so of course she is involved in all things Spencer Pratt. She’s really excited and though we may not always agree on the same things (I may say someone is in the wrong and she might think they are in the right), I think bringing her on to make appearances will give a fresh perspective and open up the conversation and she always has great takeaways that I think the audience will love. I’ll also be bringing my mom in who lives for ‘Judge Judy’ and she will certainly share an opinion or two to help me get to the bottom of some of these situations.

HEAVY: This is obviously a big departure from ‘The Hills: New Beginnings.’  Is there anything you wish fans would have been able to see if MTV had brought ‘The Hills’ back for a third season?

SP: MTV made the right decision for them, and with the cast they had at the time there wasn’t necessarily more to explore that would have worked differently. I’m looking forward to what’s next and being able to engage with interesting people from all corners of the world in an unfiltered and genuine way.

HEAVY: Are you in touch with any of your co-stars from ‘The Hills?’

SP: Brody Jenner is a close friend of mine and we are probably the closest we’ve been since we were in our twenties. He actually has a recent case relevant to ‘Judge Me’ that we will talk about relating to a photoshoot on set with models with his tequila company, Mamitas, and what the girl he is dating was comfortable with sharing. We want to give both of them a chance to appear and present their sides to our audience. Even though this might seem petty to some, I think this is a situation – balancing work commitments with personal relationships – that so many people will be able to understand and relate to.

HEAVY: Any updates on Pratt Daddy Crystals and your hummingbirds?

SP: We just launched a Pratt Daddy app that also has daily live crystal drops and sales as one of our key components, so it feels like the perfect tie-in to Looped Live and ‘Judge Me’ with what the platform is trying to accomplish in connecting with our customers. The hummingbirds are also thriving.

HEAVY: Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about what you have been up to or about ‘Judge Me?’

SP: Besides ‘Judge Me’ and Pratt Daddy, I have a few television projects coming up where I’ll be behind the camera which will be really exciting. Looking forward to sharing more with the fans soon!

Tickets for Spencer Pratt’s “Judge Me” can be purchased HERE at loopedlive.com

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EXCLUSIVE: Spencer Pratt Opens Up About His New Reality Show