The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) is thrilled to offer over 50 art and design classes to students from across the globe this summer! Both emerging and established artists are invited to join SAIC faculty and fellow thinkers and makers for an exciting and immersive art-making experience in SAIC’s non-credit Adult Continuing Education program. Courses are available in a wide variety of studio and making areas, such as Fashion Design, Painting, and Creative Writing. The school also offers skill-based professional advancement courses in Interior Design, Color Theory, digital design programs including Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, and more.

On-campus and online courses will be offered in multi-week summer sessions and one-week intensives in May, June, July, and August. Optional housing in SAIC Residence Halls is available for one-week intensive courses.

Course offerings include:

  • Drawing on Site: Urban Sketching (On-Campus)
  • The Art of Creative Writing: Short Forms of Fiction and Poetry (Online)
  • Sewing Techniques: Fundamentals (Online)
  • Frame Loom Weaving (On-Campus)
  • Digital Design: Adobe Illustrator (Online and On-Campus)
  • Digital Design: Adobe Photoshop (On-Campus)
  • Islamic Art: The Mastery of Geometry (On-Campus)
  • Painting Studio: Multi-level (On-Campus)
  • Plein Air Painting (On-Campus)
  • Introduction to Digital Photography (On-Campus)
  • Experimental Drawing and Painting: Exploring Contemporary Practice One-Week Intensive (On-Campus)
  • Painting and Drawing One-Week Intensive (On-Campus)
  • Laser Cutting and Engraving One-Week Intensive (On-Campus)

SAIC also offers programs for children, middle school, and high school students, as well as adult noncredit certificates designed to accommodate students with diverse interests and backgrounds.

For more information and to register, visit

In a historic first, artists Pauliina Feodoroff, Máret Ánne Sara, and Anders Sunna transformed the Nordic Pavilion into a celebration of the art and sovereignty of the Indigenous Sámi people.

Nadia Haji Omar’s art asks us: Can we look for the sake of looking? Or must looking always be about gaining and extraction?

Somehow, the poisonous American anger that swirled around Guthrie never corrupted that innate creative optimism. Empathy was his reliable muse.

The after-hours program makes a comeback with free admission to all galleries, exhibition tours, special cocktails, DJ sets, and more.

Sculptures by Hungarian artist Zsófia Keresztes, Malgorzata Mirga-Tas’s Polish Pavilion transformation, and more highlights from this year’s show.

Film programmer Inney Prakash talks to Hyperallergic about what it takes to start a new film festival solo during a pandemic.

Opening in Manhattan on May 20, this photography fair will bring together 49 galleries from nine countries and 23 cities across the US and around the world.

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