PreWedding Photography Destinations in Melbourne

Glading Marteen 

The preWedding photo location of your choice is just as vital as the actual wedding. If you’re looking to record the romantic events of your wedding, take a look at the city’s beautiful and historic landscapes. If you’re looking to have your wedding in a regal and historic venue, you must think about one of the Carlton Garden and Brighton Beach, both in the city. The two locations offer a romantic ambiance and an ideal backdrop for wedding pictures.

Sherbrooke Forest

The most beautiful spots located in Melbourne can be found in the Sherbrooke Forest, a picturesque area outside of Melbourne that is ideal for wedding photographs. Couples who are animal lovers are sure to love the opportunity to get a photo with the animals. If you’re looking for a new place to shoot, consider Parliament House, a World Heritage-listed structure. These iconic spots are ideal for shooting your wedding photos in Melbourne if you’re searching for an outdoor venue in more beautiful locations within the Melbourne region.

Federation Square

Federation Square is another popular spot for photo shoots before weddings. It’s a World Heritage-listed site that’s worth a visit, and it’s a quick walk away from the famous Flinders Street Station. You can take the famous Melbourne city-circle trams that are the most popular method of getting around Melbourne. For an intimate photo shoot, take a look at taking a look at the Royal Exhibition Building, which was built in 1879.

The Royal Block Arcade

The Royal Block Arcade, constructed in the 1830s, is a famous spot for preWedding pictures. The Victorian Army Barracks, located close to the city, is ideal for photos. The bluestone exterior is distinctive and beautifully adorned with vines. The Old Treasury Building is an ideal spot to capture a memorable wedding ceremony shot. The Melbourne Cricket Ground is an amazing and unique location to take wedding photos, no matter if you’re a fan of footy or simply a casual fan.

Melbourne’s Carlton Circle Tram

In addition to Melbourne’s Carlton Circle Tram, there are numerous other prewedding locations for photoshoots in Melbourne worth exploring. The impressive Federation Square is a notable landmark in Melbourne. It is located right across from the historic Flinders Street Station, which connects to the trams of the city circle. The Victorian-style design of the building makes an ideal backdrop for your wedding photoshoot.

Melbourne City Hall

The famous Melbourne City Hall is a famous location for prewedding photos. It is also among the most sought-after venues in Melbourne. The stunning gardens and mansions in a Victorian style are ideal for wedding photography. For an elegant and modern setting, you can consider the laneway in Olivers Lane. This laneway is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Photographs can be taken there at the beginning of the morning or evening. The ambiance will remain in your memory forever.

Brighton Beach

Alternatively, you could opt for a more rural spot. There are numerous stunning spots in Melbourne, and you can opt to have your photoshoot before the wedding within the city in itself. For instance, Brighton Beach is ideal for wedding and engagement photographs. There is also the possibility of beautiful wedding photography within the Brighton Beach area. This area has ample space for photography and is near the CBD.


If you’re seeking a romantic setting to shoot your wedding photos, it’s best to go to the Docklands. This is a vast open space area, which includes gorgeous, beautiful places. You can pick a spot for your shoot that matches the theme of your wedding. If you’re seeking something more modern and vibrant cityscapes, the city’s vibrant cities are an ideal choice. The splendor of the countryside surrounding it and the rich history of The Royal Exhibition Building will make your photos more unique.

The Carlton Gardens

The Carlton Gardens are an excellent spot for an outdoor wedding photograph. The gardens are a recognizable part of the city and are an ideal location for wedding photos. The Royal Exhibition Building is an impressive landmark that is a great backdrop. For ceremonies outdoors, you could also select a gorgeous garden in Melbourne. If you’re in search of the perfect location for your wedding ceremony, go to Melbourne’s Carlton Gardens.

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