Nokia N8 – Meet the New Face of the Communication World!

Nokia N8 – Meet the New Face of the Communication World!

The Nokia N8, Nokia’s fresh smartphone, connects to the people living in any places. This handset has been released in the market to compete with other branded handsets of the same range. Nokia mobile phones have ever meet modern phone needs and demands of people.

With the Nokia N8, users can create compelling messages, remain connected with near and dear ones with social networking sites integration feature and also can enjoy on-demand different Web TV programs as well as Ovi Store apps. Available in selected physical markets but N900 can be easily owned through online phone shops without any hassle. And, most importantly one can also save lots of time, money as well as efforts.

It have been found that during the third quarter of 2010, the retail price of Nokia N8 is estimated as EUR 370. And, this price were before any taxes or subsidies were applicable. The Nokia N8 appears with an awesome 12 mega pixels camera with Carl Zeiss optics. The built-in camera also come features with options of Xenon flash and a large sensor. These options are usually present in high-tech digital cameras. So, it means that if someone owns this fantastic piece of cameraphone, there is no need of spending any money on the purchase of digital camera for photography purpose. Additionally, the Nokia N8 comes with the capability of making HD-quality videos and edit them with editing suite option.

This handset can also be regarded as a wonderful portable entertainment center. Built-in music player and other embedded games can help one to kill time on the move. Users can also get access to Web TV services which deliver programs, latest informative news and entertainment news from different sources like CNN, E! Entertainment, National Geographic and many more. Additional local Web TV content is also available from the Ovi Store.

Facebook and Twitter integration in a single app can be directly seen on the homescreen. Free global Ovi Maps walk and drive navigation can guide N8 owners to locate places and points of interest in several countries.

About Nokia N8 deals, it can be said that if you want to save lots of hard money, it can be done through N8 deals. With ease, such deals can be owned through online phone shops. Here, several network providers offer their latest phone deals to allure users. Thus, go thorough Nokia N8 deals, get benefited and enjoy multi-tasking experience of the N8.