Newport, RI is home to these four celebrities, including Jay Leno

NEWPORT — In a city full of mansions some stand out more than others. That’s also the case for the owners.

Newport has long been a place celebrities have turned to purchase homes. Behind gated entries, these celebrities enjoy amenities and some of the City-by-the-Sea’s best views. Here’s an opportunity to brush up on some of Newport’s more famous residents and their homes.

Alexis DeJoria

In 2017, Alexis DeJoria purchased Ocean Lawn, also known as the Firestone estate, located at 51 Cliff Avenue on the Cliff Walk in Newport. DeJoria, a pro-drag racer, purchased the property for $11.65 million, according to an article published by the Providence Journal. In 2016, the home was listed for $18.5 million, but the price was later reduced to $15 million.