Netflix’s ‘You’ Causes Confusion for Fox News Host Laura Ingraham

Netflix You Causes Hilarious Confusion Fox News Host

Penn Badgley as Joe in ‘You’ and Fox News host Laura Ingraham.
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After Fox News host Laura Ingraham went viral for her confusion over Netflix’s You, the show’s star Penn Badgley quickly questioned the clip’s authenticity.

“It’s gotta be a bit,” the 35-year-old tweeted on Tuesday, November 16, after the episode of The Ingraham Angle got social media users talking. “Dude is committed, he actually made me lol, but watch how he waits for her to cut him off.”

Moments later, the Gossip Girl alum added, “Definitely a bit. His delivery is great tho,” referring to Ingraham’s guest, Raymond Arroyo.

It turns out, Badgley was right. Arroyo, 51, confirmed on Tuesday that the interaction was planned.

“My favorite part was that only regular viewers realized it was totally scripted,” he tweeted, adding the hashtag #YousOnFirst.

The conservative commentator also thanked Badgley for complimenting his performance. “Your delivery is pretty great as well,” he wrote. “Now please don’t #YouNetflix kill all my friends!!”

Original story 11/16/21:

Netflix’s You caused much confusion for Fox News host Laura Ingraham — and left the internet feeling as if they were stuck in a hilarious comedy routine worthy of Saturday Night Live.

On Monday, November 15, The Ingraham Angle did a segment dedicated to TV shows that have included “woke” story lines about COVID-19 and vaccines. The episode’s featured guest Raymond Arroyo mentioned the Penn Badgley series about a murderous stalker by name — and things went downhill from there.

“I was watching an episode of You when measles came up,” Arroyo said, in a clip from Monday night’s show in which he attempted to reference a season 3 episode in which Joe (Badgley) and his infant son with wife Love (Victoria Pedretti) get the measles after attending a party with an unvaccinated child in their neighborhood.

Ingraham, 58, immediately looked puzzled. “Wait, wait, wait,” she said, interrupting the EWTN News anchor. “When did I mention measles?”

Arroyo then seemed equally caught off guard, telling her, “I don’t know. It was on You.”

However, Ingraham didn’t understand that he was referring to the streaming show. She thought he was referring to her. “What was on me?” she asked. “What are you talking about?”

As Arroyo tried to explain that he was referring to an episode of You, the syndicated radio host became visibly annoyed. “We never did a measles and vaccine episode,” she said. “Is this a joke?”

Though it may have felt like a comedy bit to viewers who watched Ingraham continue to question why Arroyo claimed that her show had done an episode about the measles when it never had, it was clearly not pre-planned.

“Raymond!” she said. “I’ve never had measles. What are you talking about? This is stupid!”

Netflix You Causes Hilarious Confusion Fox News Host

Victoria Pedretti as Love Quinn and Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg in episode 303 of ‘You.’
John P. Fleenor/Netflix

Arroyo once again told her that he was referring to an episode of the show You — but she still wasn’t getting it. “What’s he talking about? I’ve just never done a show on measles,” Ingraham said. “I completely give up.”

Ingraham may have been done with the topic, but the internet was just getting started with the LifeZette editor in chief’s on-air gaffe. “#SNL couldn’t do better than this,” one Twitter user wrote on Tuesday, November 16.

Another person tweeted, “To be fair, Abbott and Costello did it better decades ago,” in reference to the duo’s classic “Who’s on First?” bit.

Ingraham’s not the only one who makes mistakes — even those who work on You have make the occasional error. Last month, fans noticed that Joe’s avatar when he texts Love doesn’t look anything like Badgley.

“IM LOSING MY MIND???? WHO IS THAT??????” the TikTok user captioned their October 21 video, before jokingly referring to the doppelgänger as “JOEY SILVERBERG.”

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Penn Badgley Thinks Laura Ingraham’s ‘You’ Confusion Was ‘Definitely a Bit’