Netflix is expanding its reality romance lineup — here are the new shows

Netflix is fully committing to reality TV romance.

The streaming giant announced on Thursday that it is renewing a couple popular dating shows like “Love Is Blind” and “Too Hot to Handle,” as well as adding a few new romantic series to its catalog.

While “Love Is Blind” already received a third season pick-up two years ago, the company announced that the series and the dating pods will be back for fourth and fifth seasons.

To celebrate the expansive list of series that will be added to queues later this year, Netflix uploaded a funny YouTube video that shows “Love Is Blind” co-host Nick Lachey listening to a song from the fictional boy band N-2-LUV called “Love Has No Off Season.”

The members are former contestants from different Netflix dating shows like Harry Jowsey, Nathan Webb and Nathan Soan Mngomezulu from “Too Hot to Handle” and Jarrette Jones and Matt Barnett from “Love Is Blind.”

The lyrics explain the premise for each new series and also reveal which other dating shows will return this year. Unfortunately, none of the song lyrics mention “Dating Around,” arguably Netflix’s most underrated reality show. But, there are still plenty of other romantic series for fans to binge-watch.

Check out all the new and returning dating shows coming soon.

‘Love Is Blind’

Fans will have to wait for the newly announced seasons four and five of “Love Is Blind, but, thankfully, season three has already been filmed.

Season three, which was shot in Dallas, features a new group of singles ready to get engaged in a pod without seeing their partner first.

Later this year, the season two cast of “Love Is Blind” will reunite for “After The Altar.” The miniseries updates fans on how the married couples’ lives have changed since their wedding day and checks in with the singles.

A second season of “Love Is Blind: Brazil” will also premiere this year.

‘The Ultimatum’

During the reunion episode of “Love Is Blind” season two, co-hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey unveiled the trailer for another series they will head called “The Ultimatum.”

The show, which premieres on April 6, follows six different couples who need to decide if they want to get married or break up. Before they make a decision, the contestants will swap partners .

Netflix also revealed that a second, all-queer season of “The Ultimatum” will arrive soon. Based on Jones’ high note in “Love Has No Off Season,” the other version of “The Ultimatum” will have a majority female cast.

‘Too Hot to Handle’

Season four of “Too Hot to Handle” just premiered in January, but Netflix already found another group of contestants who wrongly believe they signed up for a tropical location.

Similar to past seasons, the new cast members will learn that they are actually at a sex-free resort and have to follow rules from an artificial intelligence cone named Lana.

Netflix did not reveal a release date for season four.

‘Love on the Spectrum’

The stateside version of “Love on the Spectrum” will be similar to the Australian series which has already aired two seasons.

“Love on the Spectrum” is a docu-reality show about people on the autism spectrum and their love lives. It will premiere this year.

‘Dated and Related’

One of three new shows the streaming site announced on Thursday was “Dated and Related,” which will air this year.

As N-2-LUV sings in the music video, the premise of this show is “not how it sounds.”

The contestants on “Dated and Related” will be pairs of siblings who are supposed to help each other fall in love. But, they can also intentionally or inadvertently sabotage a potential connection.

‘Indian Matchmaking’

Matchmaker Sima Taparia will help clients find love for at least two more seasons. The second season will be released this year.

In season one, the dating consultant set up dates for her clients while looking for their perfect match.

‘Jewish Matchmaking’

The second new series Netflix revealed was “Jewish Matchmaking” from producers Aaron Saidman, Eli Holzman, Smriti Mundhra and J.C. Begley who also created “Indian Matchmaking.”

Contestants on this show will come from both the United States and Israel. They will use a Jewish matchmaker as they search for a partner.

Mystery series

Netflix has not shared the title of their final dating show, but the company did tease what viewers can expect.

Singles from other reality series like “The Circle,” “Selling Tampa, “Love Is Blind” and “Too Hot to Handle” who did not find a connection on their initial shows will have another chance at love.

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