Lessons From The Croods Movie

A kind friend of mine recently called me up for a movie treat.

I am not a regular movie goer, however, I was happy and appreciative in accepting my friend’s offer.

I had a fantastic day watching the Croods which is a 3D computer animated adventure comedy film written and directed by Kirk DeMicco and Chris Sanders.

With a cup of Venti Starbuck green tea latte, which is my all time favourite drink, I was ready to be entertained by Dreamworks Animated movie.

All thanks to my friend’s movie treat, I got more than I expected! The movie is not only entertaining, it is also very inspiring and I have learned a few life lessons from the 98 minutes animated film.

Here are some life lessons from the Croods:

1) Be adaptable

The life we are living today is definitely not the life we can live in the future. There is a whole new world of possibilities. In the movie, Grug the caveman, is resistant to change and does not want to leave his cave home, until it was destroyed from an earthquake. He and his family were forced to find a new surrounding where they discovered new possibilities and experience different adventure.

2) Be creative in overcoming obstacles

Life is like an adventure, you will have dark times, you will have wonderful times, however, each of those moments, will add to the richness color of your life. From the movie, I have learned never be afraid to try new things. In their new surrounding, the Croods faced with some challenges, however, an intelligent cave boy named Guy always find ways to overcome their obstacles. One of Guy’s various invention is to create shoes to protect their feet from spiky rocks.

3) Be open minded

At the beginning of the show Grug feels that he is the head of the family, therefore, everyone should be listening to him, follow his directions and comply to his instructions.

Eventually, later part of the movie, he realized that he does not have all the answers, he needed others’ opinions, feedback and be open minded to listen to others’ ideas. For personal growth to occur, we have to be open to different perspectives, opinions and the advice of others. Wonderful things can happened when we are open to change.

4) Do not take things for granted

We often forget to tell our loved ones: “I love you.” “I appreciate you” before we realized it is too late. Never take your loved ones for granted, show them gratitude by not only care for them but tell them that they are appreciated and loved.