Kasavu Kerala Saris – Indian Traditional Saris

Kasavu Kerala Saris – Indian Traditional Saris

Kasavu is a traditional Kerala sari worn by the women in south India. They are simple yet elegant. They are usually off white edged with the foppish golden border that give a complete finish to a sari. Kasavu is the oldest remnant of the ancient form of sari which is said to be derived from the Mundun neriyathum- that were referred to as ‘Sattika’ in Buddhists and Jain literature.

Kasavu is a heritage passed down from one generation to another and a must trousseau in every South Indian bride’s wardrobe. Each Kasavu sari speaks of the concupiscence and ethnicity that it stuns in terms of immurement. In qualitative terms the cotton stands superior with is procured from best cotton textile industries in India.

A traditional Kasavu sari has a nice combination of artistic work and design on its ‘pallav’ that sets its part from other modern sari’s. Its rich and contrasting golden chromaticity add aesthetic grace. In India, especially in Kerala, they are worn by the women of all age. Women in Kerala purchase them for special occasions.

There are many hands that go into the making of precious Kasavu sari. They are woven by a team of expert weavers who take atleast two to three days to weave one sari. However it can more time depending on the design of a sari. The prises of these sari’s start from RS 500 and can reach up to Rs 50,000 and above.

The legendary Kasavu saris have earned a unique place in the heritage of of the country. This great tradition of Kasavu saris have been creating waves in the fashion world. They are worn by the famous Bollywood celebrities and have already capture the heart of the western world. The superior outlook of the Kasavu saris, can best highlight the credulous look of the Indian women.