How to Read the Serial Number on a Banknote While Blindfolded!

How The Trick Appears To The Audience

An examined paper bag is placed over the magician’s head. A spectator then hands the magician a banknote. By running his fingers over the banknote, the magician is able to read the serial number of the note! The magician then asks the spectator to give him a playing card, so it is facing away from him. By running his fingers over the face of the card, the magician can identify which card it is!

How The Trick Is Done

Take a large brown, paper bag and place it over your head. Pinch the bag slightly at the spots where your eyes are and remove the bag. Then take a pin and make small pinholes, where your eyes were. They should be so small, that they will not be noticeable.

Replace the bag on your head and make sure the holes are positioned right in front of your eyes. If you have done it correctly, you will be able to see quite clearly through the holes. You are now ready to perform the trick.

Tell the spectators that you are going to place the paper bag over your head, so it is impossible for you to see. Prove that the bag is normal by placing it over a spectator’s head. However, when you do this, make sure that you put the side of the bag without the holes in front of his face. The spectator will testify that it is impossible to see through the bag.

Take the bag off his head and put it over your own head. However, as you do this, reverse the bag, so the side with the holes is in front of your eyes.

Ask someone to hand you a banknote and start feeling it carefully with your fingers, as though you were reading braille. You will of course be able to see the serial number quite easily. After a bit of pretend difficulty, slowly and dramatically call out the serial number.

Then ask a spectator to hand you any playing card from a deck of cards. Ask him to hand it to you so that the card is facing away from you. Hold the card in both hands, with your right hand holding the top narrow end and your left hand holding the bottom narrow end.

Move your fingers over the face of the card, as though you are trying to read it with your fingers. However, as you are doing this, bend the card slightly, so the center bends towards your body. This will allow you to see the index of the card at the bottom, left-hand corner. After you have seen the index, continue feeling the card and allow it to straighten again. After a suitable dramatic pause, slowly reveal the name of the card.