How To Become An Adult Model

Over the past few years, adult modeling has become a very popular choice for girls – 18 and older – aspiring to break into the modeling industry and “become a pornstar” as some may say. One of the main reasons for this is due to the money that can be made. It is true that these models can earn a lot of money without being over 5’10” and weighing 110 pounds, but having the right look, and making the right decisions in regards to a career path can make a huge difference between being just another face in the adult modeling crowd, or standing out and being a shining star.

What Exactly Is Adult Modeling?

First off, it’s important for an aspiring model to understand exactly what this type of modeling is. Simply put, adult modeling involves posing in at least lingerie, but more often than not it involves posing topless or full nude, and even some times with graphic sexual content – known as hardcore modeling. While topless modeling can pay the bills with the proper set of physical gifts, it usually takes a willingness to pose full nude for a model to see any positive effects on her bank account. And then of course there is hardcore modeling which is most prominent in the adult modeling and entertainment industry.

Models who perform in hardcore productions, also known as porn stars, make the most money. Their income is derived from photography and film work, as well as through guest appearances, signings, adult entertainment events, and last but certainly not least, their personal membership website. A model’s website which accepts monthly memberships from fans to view their content, as well as selling merchandise and feature webcam shows, can easily make a model more money than anything else. Some more prominent adult models gross more than $20,000 – $30,000 per month, and some of them only pose nude. But while appearing in hardcore productions may be the most lucrative, it is also the most demanding and if not handled properly, could lead to a quick burnout. Before plunging into something because of the profit potential, make sure it is something you are comfortable with and something you really want to do; the most successful adult models and entertainers really love what they do!

Choosing An Adult Modeling Agency

After deciding that adult modeling is something you really want to do, it is then important to decide whether to go at it alone or seek the assistance of an adult modeling agency or management company.

Agencies and management companies have connections in the industry, as well as experience, and the abilities to market a model and give her the publicity that she needs to get noticed by not only potential clients such as photographers and producers, but almost as importantly – if not more importantly – fans. Having a large fan base is key to a model becoming successful financially and emotionally. A loyal fan base will not only buy their favorite model’s merchandise and sign up to her website, and visit her at appearances and clubs, but they also will provide her approval, adoration and respect. Many models credit their fans for getting through those tough days when the last thing she wants to do is get in front of the camera. A good model management agency can help the model develop the fan base through innovative marketing and promotional methods.

An agency also gives the model a degree of respectability in the industry. They will negotiate on her behalf with photographers, producers and other adult content distributors who wish to hire her, and they will make sure all contracts are legit.

Pace Yourself

Once you get started with your adult modeling career, and the money starts rolling in, and the offers for your talents flood your email inbox, and the fan club’s membership begins to reach quadruple digits, it is important to take a step back, take a deep breath and… rest. Many desired adult models burnout within a year because they just can’t pace themselves. Typically an agency will make sure their star doesn’t reach this level of work overload, but if on your own, make sure to set aside a few days a week just for yourself so you can enjoy other things than just modeling.