How He Manifested a Super Role in a Film, Literally

How He Manifested a Super Role in a Film, Literally

In November 2004, an entertainment news story in USA Today caught my attention. It was an extraordinary illustration of “playing the role” that we desire to become.

The young man in this story was a natural – he was unknowingly using the same principles taught in my Feel Free to ProsperĀ® program – Lesson Three, “Accept It Now.” As a result he manifested himself a super role in a movie. Literally. And in spite of some pretty tremendous odds.

Here’s the inside scoop…

On Halloween 2003, Brandon walked into a Hollywood bowling alley in a very distinctive costume – glasses, dark suit, tie, and white shirt unbuttoned to reveal a blue undershirt with logo. Add the recognizable hair and it’s no wonder he won 1st prize as Superman in their costume contest.

He had always wanted to play Superman and all his life people said he looked like Superman. But he was an unknown actor. On that Halloween night, though, Brandon was Superman.

Little did he know that a year later, after being chosen from thousands of international candidates, he would become the next Man of Steel in a movie role that wasn’t even a possibility that previous Halloween.

The name of the bowling alley was Lucky Strike, by the way. Was Brandon Routh just lucky? Of course not. We know better. It’s not luck. It’s law.

Accept It Now

Your acceptance of your desire in the now moment is your bridge that will take you from your present outer reality to your fulfilled desire. Words and affirmations are a great means to condition the subconscious mind to eliminate negative patterns and prepare for this advanced work. But I believe that one moment of acceptance of your desire, one moment filled with the reality of your answered prayer, is more powerful than a thousand affirmations stated without the corresponding feeling. That’s because when we bring our feeling nature into play, we are imprinting directly on the subconscious mind and linking ourselves to the great creative forces of the Universe. It’s like imprinting an image directly onto photographic film. Words and affirmations have their own important role because they help us to eliminate the mental debris so that we are able to access the film and produce an untarnished image.

-Feel Free to Prosper Lesson Three, “Accept It Now”