Graham grad Titus leads new movie

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Graham High School graduate Zac Titus is a leading player in a new movie production.

Universal Pictures and 101 Studios will present “Two Yellow Lines” to be released November 9, 2021 on video on demand (VOD.)

David Glasser’s 101 Studios acquired the North American rights to the film and Universal Pictures will be releasing the film through its Universal Pictures Home Entertainment platform.

“Two Yellow Lines” is an independent film that takes you on the road with former smoke-jumper Jack Elliot and his daughter Hannah, a determined young girl rising up to face her estranged father, who tragically lost his crew in a blowup wildfire, leaving him scarred and detached from the world around him. As they journey across Montana on an aging Harley, Jack watches his baby grow into a young woman and Hannah sees her hero shrink to a man.

The central themes of PTSD and survivor’s guilt that haunt Elliot are reflections of Titus’ own past. After losing his sister Alicia – a flight attendant – on 9/11, he found solace in the backgrounds and mountaintops of Montana, much like the protagonist he portrays in the film. In writing for Hannah, first time writer/director Derek Bauer pulled from the childhood experience of losing his father to early-onset Alzheimer’s. Their experience developing this story was deeply meaningful and healing for both.

The film was brought to life by four close friends: Titus and Bauer were joined by producers Billy Zeb Smith and Jake Olson to help realize the vision. Newcomer Alexis Titus makes her screen debut alongside her real-life father. The cast is rounded out by Grant Show, Bre Blair, Grant Harvey and Frank Collison.

Financing for the film came from a film grant from the Montana Film Commission, personal funds, maxed-out credit cards and a line of credit.

The movie can be viewed on Apple Tv/Itunes, DIRECTV, Microsoft, Prime Video, Fios by Verizon, Vudu (Fandango), Xfinity and Buy on Youtube.

“Dopesick,” based on the book written by Urbana native Beth Macy, has been made into a TV miniseries and is currently available to stream on Hulu.

Michael Keaton stars in the miniseries.

Urbana native Clancy Brown will co-star in the re-boot of the Showtime series “Dexter,” which will debut on November 7.

Brown will play villain Kurt Caldwell opposite Dexter, played by Michael C. Hall.

Pictured is a movie poster for Two Yellow Lines.

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