Gil Cuero reveals he’s dating again and shares which reality show he’d try next 

Gil Cuero
MAFS star Gil Cuero provides life updates for friends and followers. Pic credit: @gilmeezy/Instagram

Gil Cuero became one of Married at First Sight’s most sought-after Bachelors after getting divorced from his MAFS wife Myrla Feria. 

Gil’s fans often ask the MAFS star if he’s dating, and for a long while, Gil always declared that he was content being single. 

However, Gil recently had a different response when questioned about dating. 

Gil Cuero suggests he’s back to dating 

Gil Cuero took to his Instagram stories to engage with fans as he told them to ask him a question.

The MAFS fan favorite received many questions, including the most popular inquiry about whether he was dating. 

A follower asked, “Are you dating again!?”

Gil replied with a clip of a man dancing in a car and exclaiming, “yes!” 

While Gil didn’t elaborate any further, his answer indicates that he is back to dating after commonly stating he was enjoying just being single. Whether Gil’s dating life is more casual or serious isn’t yet known. 

Gil Cuero's Instagram story
Pic credit: @gilmeezy/Instagram

Gil Cuero shares which reality show he would try out for 

While Gil’s marriage to Myrla ultimately was unsuccessful, his time on the show still garnered a large fan base, with many feeling Gil had a great presence on camera. Some fans even wanted Gil to take over as host of the Married at First Sight after show to continue to see him on screen. 

Hosting a Married at First Sight aftershow may not currently be in the cards for Gil, with Keshia Knight Pulliam now taking the reigns as Afterparty host, but Gil could return to reality television. 

During Gil’s Q&A, a fan asked, “Will you ever try out for any other Reality Shows?”

Gil replied with a poster for The Amazing Race. The Amazing Race debuted in 2001 and recently returned earlier this year. It seems Gil could be interested in appearing in a future season. 

Gil Cuero's Instagram story
Pic credit: @gilmeezy/Instagram

Gil Cuero feels healed after heartbreaking divorce 

Myrla’s request for a divorce was very hard on Gil, as was visible during the Married at First Sight Season 13 reunion. 

After his marriage came to a sad end, Gil got into therapy to help heal. 

A fan asked about his healing journey, asking, “How is your healing coming along? Are you still in therapy?”

Gil Cuero's Instagram story
Pic credit: @gilmeezy/Instagram

Gil replied, “Still in therapy. I’m going once a month now since it’s been a year now. I believe I’m healed. My continuance with therapy now has to do with self growth and learning new ways to control my thoughts for when life throws a curve ball.” 

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