First look at Marvel’s Karen Gillan in new new sci-fi movie

Former Doctor Who star Karen Gillan’s arch-nemesis isn’t the Weeping Angels or the Daleks in the first look at new movie Dual — it’s herself!

Marvel star Karen gets to battle herself in the science fiction thriller, also starring Breaking Bad‘s Aaron Paul, Justice League baddie Jesse Eisenberg and stand-up comic Martha Kelly.

In the first-look photo from the film, Aaron Paul appears to be trying to comfort Karen Gillan’s character, but just who is she seeing in her reflection?

In the film from The Art of Self-Defense director Riley Stearns, Sara (Karen Gillan) commissions a clone of herself (also Karen Gillan) to be created in the near-future when she discovers she has a terminal disease.

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Thinking the clone will help her family cope with her passing, Sara eventually gets miraculous news that she’ll make a recovery — but this leaves the problem of what happens with the clone.

Since society has deemed humans cannot coexist with their clones, Sara and her clone must battle to the death to decide which one of them can go on!

The supporting cast of Dual — see what they did there? — includes Hawaii Five-0 action man Beulah Koale as well as accomplished English-Finnish stage actress Sanna-June Hyde.

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Writing about the newly-released photo, director Riley Stearns noted: “I can’t wait for y’all to see the film.”

Dual doesn’t have a release date yet, but with a first-look now out, we can imagine a firm date and an official trailer won’t be far behind.

Next up for Karen is reprising her role as Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, which releases in 2023. Guardians of the Galaxy vol 1 and vol 2 are available now.

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