Features of the Leica M Series

Features of the Leica M Series

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Leica Camera, AG (=/ La K Zoom/LC), is a German firm that makes photographic lenses, photographic cameras, binoculars and microscope instruments. The company was established by Ernst Leitz in Wetzlar, Germany in 1869 ( Ernst Leitz Wettlar). Since then, the brand has grown to become an international leader in the field of photography. It is also famous for its high quality optics and a selection of photo printers to choose from.

The standard viewfinder of a Leica camera is a small one-frame camera with a magnification range of 200x and above. This viewfinder is mounted on the camera’s front plate. But in addition, the lenses of different lenses have different magnification capabilities so that the user may adjust them according to what they wish to see through the viewfinder. Lenses with higher m.a. powers tend to provide sharper images. But even though these high power lenses are more expensive than the regular lenses, they produce the best picture quality.

A Leica camera incorporates a rangefinder as well as a zoom lens. The rangefinder of a camera is used to enlarge an image and when used with a correct viewfinder, it offers a close-up photograph. Zoomers enable photographers to zoom in on an object and get a clearer picture. The Leicas have a special feature wherein the mainspring of the camera can be wound up after pressing the red button on the camera.

Leica uses two additional mechanisms besides the viewfinder to capture an image; it uses the Solms and the Dot Minimizing Finder. The solms are mechanical interlocking pieces that lock the viewfinder into place when activated. The dot minimizer element is located behind the Leica camera body and it functions just like the optical zoom element of the digital camera. The Leicas are equipped with a self-cleaning mechanism wherein they can automatically wipe all the dirt from the viewfinder lens as well as the focus screen.

The Leica camera also features a self-cleaning sensor which works in conjunction with the dot-matrix and Solms. The self-cleaning sensor allows the camera to perform image correction automatically. This is achieved with the help of the red dot shutter button. The CCD of the Leica m9-p has an increased brightness and greater color rendition making the images of the camera more vivid.

One of the most distinctive features of the Leica legend is the hand wheel, which is used for focusing as well as zooming. The legend is also known as the Epson Legend. The hand wheel has one red dot and three rubber stops for easy focus and zooming. Other interesting features of the leica m-series camera include built-in flash system with a built-in monochrome camera flash, and built-in infrared illuminator for triggering on dark scenes.