Fashion Trends in 2013

Fashion Trends in 2013

It is just couple of days left when we will be celebrating the New Year. While we are preparing to welcome the New Year, there are few things of year 2013 that we love to carry in the upcoming year. It was a memorable year for fashion and style. We have seen an array of trends. From bright emerald to monochromes, pastels to neon, we had so much to experiment with. The pop of colors in outfits, accessories and jewelry created a lasting impression. To ice the cake, the designs and patterns added a plethora of style, fashionistas enjoyed the entire year. Not to forget, our favorite celebrities contributed a lot to this.

Let’s look at the most popular trends of 2013, talk about the most inspiring celebrities and what will continue in the year 2014.

Color Magic:

Emerald was announced the color of year 2013. And the color lived up to the expectations with its lively, radiant and lush hues that exude elegance and beauty. From runways to red carpet and royal roads, emerald was prominently used everywhere. While the color captured much of the attention, another prominent color combination that received high five was black and white combo. Very retro and glamorous, monochrome was in great demand throughout the year.

However, pastel shades of pink, purple, yellow and green were also admired in clothing and jewelry, neon orange and pink were seen a lot in accessories.

Patterns and Textures:

Chevron, large plaids, herringbone, stripes, polka dots, mosaic prints and floral designs are the prominent patterns of the year. From home décor to designer dresses, handbags, footwear and jewelry, these patterns were everywhere. And they are likely to stay in year 2014.

Sequin, ruffles, faux fur, embroidery and lace work are most admirable and desired textures for designer dresses. Geometric patterns in jewelry and dresses were also a followed trend that will continue in the upcoming year.


Long gowns with high slits, cutouts and a lot of intricate weaving were popular this year. You must have seen a lot of embroidery and fine lace work on ball gowns! Black and ivory were the colors for dresses on red carpet. Geometric cutouts, lace detailing, peek-a-boo dresses, sequin embellishments were in trend throughout the year.

Jumpsuits, ruffle skirts, pencil skirts with loose blouse, peplum dresses and mermaid gowns with short and long train were seen everywhere in year 2013.


Diamond with sapphire, emerald and ruby ruled this year. Vintage jewelry was the charm and retro designs mixed with modern looks were another hit style in jewelry. Celebrities were seen flaunting colored stones like amethyst, black onyx, opal, colored diamonds and diposide.

Jewelry styles like bib necklaces, gold cuffs, tassels, bold rings, snake jewelry, chokers, minimal pendants and statement hair accessories were some hot trends of the year.

Inspiring Celebrities:

It is hard to pick the most inspiring celebrity. There were many divas that were considered as the icon of fashion and glamor. From dresses and jewelry to makeup and hair do, different celebrities took the center stage for different reasons.

Out of the endless list, few fashion inspiring celebrities that were in lime light for their amazing and elegant style senses were Kate Middleton, Sandra Bullock, Dian Kruger, Jennifer Lawrence and Miranda Kerr.

Personally, we love Kate Middleton and her versatile style. She is a people’s princess. We love the royal for her thrifty style senses. It is now a common practice to see the duchess repeating her dresses often. But to mention, her style sense is so powerful and amazing that the recycled dress still manage to create a unique and lasting impact. Alike dresses, she often repeat her jewelry, handbags and footwear. She flaunts everything with all grace and elegance.

Additionally, her pregnancy and birth of her first child Prince George along with the recent hacking trail and announcement for the royal tour to Australia and New Zealand were few other reasons of her being in the news for all the year.