Fairy Tattoo Designs and Their Meaning

Fairy Tattoo Designs and Their Meaning

Fairy Tattoo

Fairy tattoo is an excellent choice for people who want to retain their young heart and their fantasy world. Many fairy tattoo designs have been downloaded from the net. You can select from the sophisticated fairy to a childish cartoon fairy for your tattoo.

Do you remember the days when you were young and you use to watch Peter Pan and Ferngully? It’s not new for people to go back in their inspirational characters during childhood for there are those who want to stay young and express themselves with their favorite characters.

Back in history, old folks used these mythical creatures to lure the innocent mind of children into a whimsical world of magic. Most literature for children includes fairies of all sorts. Fairies are made attractive and believable for entertainment. They represent angels or guardians who can grant our wishes if we are in a distressful situation. They are portrayed to be mostly in the deep forest and heavenly kingdoms far from human sight and perception.

Just like Tinkerbell who is popular among us because of Peter Pan, she has this magic fairy dust that can make flying possible for anyone. They live in Neverland which is located in a place where no one could go to without their help. These tiny creatures are so cute that women choose this fairy tattoo as their first tattoo. Due to its feminine and magical touch, fairy tattoo has evolved in different forms. From tiny creatures to women-like figures, their images are made more stylish.

On the other hand, fairy tattoo are also worn by men. Don’t think that a man with a fairy on his chest or biceps is gay. It is a form of art, self-expression and self-esteem. Maybe he wanted to have this fairy design as his girlfriend and he wanted the world to know about her. Fairies connote different meanings and the interpretations depend on the bearer itself. An man with a fairy tattoo can think of this fairy as his guardian angel and that he feels comfortable with a soft image design.

Another thing is we are often captured by those things we see in movies. Make-believe realms and imaginative characters come to life in these movies. As a result, people tend to make them as part of their lives, making them real and live with them. So for some, having the fairy tattoo is the closest thing to be one with these magical people.