Entertainment in Hyderabad – Never a Dull Moment

For the adventurous traveller Hyderabad is a city that will provide much entertainment. Showered in restaurants, museums, clubs, pubs and theatres, it’s a relaxed and laidback place to be in for a night out on the town.

Having a generous smattering of art galleries, resorts, theme parks, amusement parks, sports clubs, wildlife sanctuaries, puppet shows, theatres that show both Hollywood and Bollywood cinema and cultural centres help attract tourists to this city. It seems like fun and frolic have been part of the lifestyle in Hyderabad since the days of old. Jagdish and Kamala Mittal Museum and Salar Jung Museum are among the places to go to get a scope of the history of this sprawling city. Whereas if you are in a mood for some popcorn entertainment Public Gardens, Bansilal Pitti Auditorium, Gandhi Gyan Mandir, Galaxy, Amba and Hitech are a very few of the long list of auditoriums and cinemas that provide daily entertainment with discerning taste.

There are over 7 libraries to choose from for the bookworm and if staying indoors is really not your style the amount of pubs and discotheques that are there will make your head spin. Some of the best to go to are 10 Downing Street, Escape, Ebony Lounge, Marco Polo, Atrium Bar and Liquids Et Cetera. For the outdoor adventurer, there are a number of sports that can keep you entertained – parasailing being one of them. Angling is also a popular sport pursued by the people of Hyderabad.

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