Different Types of Earnuts To Choose From

Different Types of Earnuts To Choose From

These days, earrings are available in many different styles, sizes and metals and so do earnuts. Earnuts, also known as earring backs hold sheppard’s hook style earwires and other types of earrings on our ears. They are the number one option for keeping the earrings on and they also help you avoid losing your favorite pair of earrings. Trying different types of earnuts can help you find the perfect pair for your earrings.

There are various kinds of earnuts which also offer extra support in holding bigger or heavier earrings in place on the ears. In this article, we will look at some of the different types of earnuts available for stud earrings and fish hook style earrings.

Fish hook styles come in intricate designs and a variety of styles and sizes. The post that goes into the piercing of the ear resembles a fish hook and this is how they got their name. Fish hook earrings that do not come with back support can tear the ear lobes and this makes wearing earnuts essential. The many types of earnuts that you can choose for fish hook styles include:

Metal Stoppers – can be purchased from piercing specialty stores. Metal stoppers are round and they have a small hole in the middle that is used to string the hook of the earring through. They are longer and work to support the weight of your jewelry.

Form, Plastic Or Rubber Stoppers – are quite similar to metal stoppers, but they are not as durable. The advantage of using these kinds of earnuts is that the hole in the centre will stretch over some time and the same earnut can be used for different earrings. Another advantage is that they are quite cheap and can be purchased in bulk.

Standard Ear backs – the standard ear backs are mostly used for stud or dangle earrings. They can be used for fish hook earrings if they are the right size. These earnuts are made of steel and have two prongs folded over. They are generally made to fit specific pair of earrings.

Partial Screw Backs – are suitable for use on thin posts. To use them, you just need to push on the back and when you have to remove them, they must be unscrewed. This feature provides added protection for your expensive earrings.

Bullet Earnuts – have round backs, thick bottoms and are great for fish hook earrings and heavy post earrings. But, each type is made to fit a specific pair of earring which means if you buy one pair, you cannot expect it to go with all other pairs of earrings you have. Therefore, before buying, you will need to try it on the earring you will wear it with.