David Yarrow Photographer Discusses His Charitable Partnership Associated with Cindy Crawford and the University of Wisconsin Hospital

David Yarrow makes his living taking photographs. However, he does not only make his living this way; he utilizes his photography skills to also give back. He is currently working with Cindy Crawford for a charitable partnership that helps to benefit the University of Wisconsin Wisconsin Hospital. Read on to learn more about this project and how it came to be.

David Yarrow Photographer Explains Why He Is Photographing Cindy Crawford

Photographer David Yarrow and Cindy Crawford are personal friends. They have teamed up on two prior projects, one in 2019 and one in 2020, to help create projects that give back. The latest project is a recreation of a photoshoot that Ms. Crawford completed in 1992. The project is a play on a famous Pepsi commercial that Cindy starred in in 1992. However, this campaign is a photoshoot shot at the same location, with a slight twist. Mr. Yarrow primarily photographs wild animals, so the shoot not only features Ms. Crawford, but it features a pair of wolves as well.

David Yarrow Photographer Details Where the Money is Going

David Yarrow Photographer explains that the primary goal of the photoshoot is to raise money for charity. Over half of all of the profits that are raised from the photoshoot are donated straight to the American Family Children’s Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin. To date, Mr. Yarrow and Ms. Crawford have raised over one million dollars for this charity with the photographs that they have released.

David Yarrow Photographer States How the Charity Was Chosen

David Yarrow Photographer explains that the reason the American Family Children’s Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin was chosen is because that is where Cindy Crawfords’ brother was treated for leukaemia. The primary goal of the fundraising project was to raise money for the pediatric cancer care unit of the hospital. Ms. Crawford is so pleased with the level of care that the hospital provided her brother that she wanted to give back. Together, Mr. Yarrow and Ms. Crawford are working to give back in the ways that they best know how; through modeling and photography.

David Yarrow Photographer has made a living photographing wildlife and creating unique pictures of animals. Mr. Yarrow realizes just how fortunate he is to be so successful at something that he loves to do. He has taken the skills he has and decided to use those skills for charitable work. Ms. Crawford has partnered with her good friend Mr. Yarrow to create a charitable partnership that allows both parties to give back to a cause that is near and dear to their heart, while also having fun and creating beautiful works of art.