Couple Photography – 7 Tips and Ideas

Glading Marteen 

Now-a-days just about everyone has a camera of some sort. Here are some tips that will help you take great photos of couples.

Tip #1

Photographing couples when they are sitting around chatting is a good way to get the natural side of anyone. Using your zoom from across a room with a fast aperture setting (sport setting) will help you fill the frame and separate them from their surroundings.

Tip #2

Kneeling down or standing on something higher than the couple and not putting them right in the middle of the frame is another idea. We like to call this the rule of thirds.

Tip #3

Costumes are always a good way to photograph couples who are looking for that not so normal photo session, Halloween Monsters, Easter Bunny’s and Mr. & Mrs. Santa are all good ways to brighten any wall.

Tip #4

Outdoor photos with couples holding hands around a tree or sitting on a boulder facing each other are other great ideas for couple photography.

Tip #5

Using Black and White film or setting your camera to take Black and White photos is another good tip. This allows you to be able to capture couples with a timeless look to them.

Tip #6

Lighting is particularly important since you don’t want the couple to cast shadows on each other (outside settings are usually the best for this.) Trying a morning or afternoon shot is usually a good way to get your desired lighting.

Tip #7

If you need to use a flash, try to stand at least 2 or 3 feet away from the subjects so the flash isn’t too bright. Another tip is to put a tissue over the flash to soften the light.

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