Contemporary Jewellery Design and Classic History

Glading Marteen 

You might not think that contemporary jewellery design and the classic history of jewellery goes together, but in fact it really does. Designing your own piece to be completely representative of historical significance is one of the more interesting ways to come up with original and unique designs.

For at least 100,000 years, people have made all kinds of jewellery personal and unique by presenting their own designs and fashioning it together. In today’s more modern culture, most people are either looking for a unique piece that has already been crafted or they are interested in having one specially made. When you introduce contemporary jewellery design into the historical value of self adornment, you can represent nearly anything of value in a sleek and modern way.

Throughout most historical accounts, the wearing of jewellery indicated wealth. Today, it is a method of dressing up the body while simultaneously putting your own personal stamp on your look. Most people have various pieces to match with various outfits, but some stick with a single favorite for years before switching.

Diamond jewellers are generally adept at setting the stones into pieces, which allows you to take a part of your personal history, design it, and then have it personally crafted for you. Diamond jewellers have been setting precious stones in pieces since it became common practice in the 15th century. The jeweller’s engagement rings were often considered to be single works of art never to be crafted again. Fortunately, with contemporary jewellery design you can still have that one of a kind look.

When you start designing, think of what it is you are looking to represent. Try to narrow it down to one word. How would that word look to you if you could only draw it in shape? Doodle, sketch, and play with the design until something strikes you as the exact representation that you’re looking for. Look back through history to see how others made similar representations. You can readily modify an existing piece within your own design.

Then, when you take it to the jeweller for the manufacturing, be sure to get their opinions and recommendations about your design. If you believe your piece is perfect, then you’ll stick with what you designed. Usually, you can expect your design to be transformed into a true piece of jewellery within a week or two, depending on the jeweller’s schedule.

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Glading Marteen