Buying And Caring For Your Tattoo Machine

Tattoos have become increasingly popular and as an artist, the best you can do is get yourself a reliable high quality machine for the job. Tattoo equipment allows you to work easier and faster and they also make it possible for you to meet the needs of your clients however sophisticated they might be. Considering that the tattoo machines work on human skin, they ought to be sterilized and hygienic at all times. The last thing you want as an artist is to have a machine that ends up causing infections on the tattoo wound.

When looking for a machine to upgrade your services or to start you off, you must know what to buy and how to maintain the machine that you buy. Below are some useful tips that will help you buy and keep the machine in top shape.

Know the tattoo machine types. The most common that you will find in the market are coil tattoo machines and rotary tattoo machine but there are also pneumatic machines. Because each of the options comes with highs and lows, ensure that you check and weigh them out before settling for the type that you feel will serve your needs as an artist. Coil machines are less costly and offer increased power, but they can be very heavy and hard to handle especially over long periods. Rotary machines on the other hand are less harsh on skin and are lighter whereas pneumatic machines are easy to maintain but they cost more.

Check out machine condition. After you have decided what type you would be better off with. Next should be to check that the tattoo machine is in good condition. The parts should not be worn out or damaged otherwise you risk injuries to you and your clients. Review the machine carefully when buying online and opt for a new machine over a used one to be on the safer side.

Think about the machine cost. It would be best to save enough so you are able to invest in a high quality tattoo machine. Expensive models come with durable, efficient constructions and features. However, if you are tight on budget and you want to get a machine quick, you can still consider used machines that are in good condition. You will just need to closely inspect the machine before making your purchase just to be sure of the condition.

Keep the machine bagged before and after use. This is a simple way of ensuring that the machine stays cleaner and acts as a barrier against ink splats. Ensure that you thoroughly clean and sterilize the machine after every use to keep it hygienic for next use.

Avoid bleaching your tattoo machine. This will only eat up your springs and rusts the machine faster. You should also never wash it under tap water because it will find its way to the wiring causing damages. Also very important to mention is that you should never disassemble the machine to clean.

Spray it with disinfectant to clean. Ensure the deposits are well-cleaned to prevent rust. You can use a clean paper towel to wipe down the spray after sitting for at least 10 minutes. Rubbing alcohol is also a good product in getting rid of the deposits.