Britney Spears says music hiatus is a ‘f–k you’ to her family

This pop star is still protesting. 

Britney Spears explained in a Monday Instagram post that her extended music hiatus is a “f—k you” to her estranged family. 

“Not doing music anymore is my way of saying ‘F–k You’ in a sense when it only actually benefits my family by ignoring my real work,” she wrote in a post that also touted the power of prayer in times of distress. 

“It’s like I’ve subconsciously let them win.” 

Elsewhere, the “Toxic” singer, 40, reiterated her aggravation at seeing her younger sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, perform a remix to her 2011 single “Till the World Ends” at the 2017 Radio Disney Music Awards. (Britney was presented with the Icon award that year, followed by a medley performance by Jamie Lynn, 30, Hailee Steinfeld, Sofia Carson and Kelsea Ballerini.)

“It didn’t make sense how network television shows are showcasing my music with remixes of all of my music … yet the person who owns the music is told no!!!!” Britney wrote. “They even gave remixes to my sister but I was always told no?”

The entertainer — who broke free in November from a restrictive 13-year conservatorship established by her father, Jamie Spears —  elaborated, “I asked for 13 years to perform new songs and remixes of my old songs … I had two months off in between each show setting for four years in Vegas … and every time I asked I was told, ‘No…’ !!!!”

Britney also shared her belief that she was “set up to fail” by her family, who tested her faith in a higher power. 

“I had an experience three years ago where I stopped believing in God!!!! From every angle I was being hurt for no reason and my family was hurting me,” she wrote. “I went into a state of shock and the way I coped was being [in] fake denial … It was too much for me to really face.”

Britney asserted that “people have no idea the awful things that have been done to me personally” and admitted that she is “scared of people and the business!!!!”

The Grammy winner also explained why she felt compelled to share a clip of herself singing last week, along with a list of milestones she has hit throughout her decades-long career. 

“I obviously have serious insecurities,” she wrote. “Otherwise I wouldn’t have acted like an obnoxious 8 year old last week defending myself with my accomplishments!!!!”

Britney — whose immediate family also includes mother Lynne Spears and older brother Bryan Spears —  added, “Honestly my family embarrassed me and hurt me deeply … so tooting my own horn and seeing my past accomplishments reflecting back at me actually helped!!!!!”

Britney Spears
The pop superstar’s last concert tour took place in 2018.
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The superstar said people would “COMPLETELY understand” her insecurities if they knew the gravity of what she’s experienced behind closed doors. 

“It’s a shame that people don’t like the truth!!!!” she wrote before quipping, “I’d get more respect for doing a spread for Playboy than I would writing a book!!!!”

Britney last studio album, “Glory,” dropped in 2016. In 2020, her team released a deluxe version of the LP with new artwork and a new slate of bonus tracks, including “Mood Ring (By Demand).”

She wrapped her four-year “Piece of Me” Las Vegas residency in 2017 before taking the show out on the road for a second and final time in 2018.

A source told Page Six last month that Britney is “excited” to start making music again, but diving back into the industry following a nearly three-year “work hiatus” is not her “top priority.”

Britney has repeatedly criticized her family for being complicit in the conservatorship, even claiming they deserve to be in jail for their respective roles in the legal arrangement that controlled her personal, medical and financial affairs. 

The “Mickey Mouse Club” alum also vowed through her lawyer in November 2020 that she would “not perform” as long as Jamie, 69, was in charge of her career. She has previously expressed a desire to sue her father for “conservatorship abuse.” 

Meanwhile, Jamie recently filed court documents to have his famous daughter’s estate continue paying his legal fees.