Body Piercing: How Does It Work?

Body Piercing: How Does It Work?

Body Piercing has become the hottest trend among the fashion buffs of today. It is a practice that supports the expression, ‘My Body My Style‘. According to an estimate, around ten to fifteen percent of population in the United States has at least one pierced body part. It is a kind of body modification, where the pierced body part, with a set of jewelry, creates the statement. Ear and nose piercing are a widely observed scenes, while in the modern age, people have gone a step further, and have started puncturing their other body parts, as eyelids, eyebrows, cheeks, lips, belly, nipples, and even genitals. People wear rings, and various other designer jewelry in their pierced parts.

Various reasons exist there behind people’s going for body piercing. A number of people go for it because of their customs and religion, while many do it to upgrade their fashion sense. Be it whatever grounds, people having pierced body parts successfully manage to catch the eyes of the onlookers, and no doubt leave an extraordinary convention.

How Body Piercing Works?

According to the fashion-forward people, modifications give them confidence to present themselves in a unique manner. (However, those who do not support this idea also state the same acclamation, but in a different tone.)

The standard definition of body piercing could be – ‘creating puncture(s) in body part(s) to wear some sort of jewelry’. It is far different from the earlobe and nose nicking.

When puncturing your ear lobes or nose, the technician uses a piercing gun that fires the drill into the soft tissues. It is a quick and less painful way. On the other hand, while piercing sensitive body parts, like, tongue, nipples or genitals, a special method comes into play. The instruments used for such piercings differ from the one used for normal piercing. Needles made of surgical steel is the best way used for such piercings. Hygienic and comfortable environment are other assets of a successful and safe piercing. Right after puncturing, it is advisable to put a starter jewelry of standard quality after sanitation. Doing so would remove the chances of allergic reactions. You can use a starter jewelry made of surgical steel or gold.

After successful piercing and wait for its healing is over, you can wear your desired jewelry on the punched body part. Ball closure rings suit almost every body part. There are different styles of ball closure rings available. Barbells are also an interesting enhancements for ears. Belly Bars are specially designed to wear on belly buttons. Labrets are best suited for lips. Nipples could be adorned with uniquely crafted nipple rings, bars, and barbells.