Benefits of Windows Movie Maker: Why Choose This Application Over Others?

Videos have always been a way of expressing emotions. It has made it possible for a third person to enjoy a moment even if they were not there when it was happening. Apart from this, people are resorting to making vlogs to share things more graphically. Also, posting videos on social media makes it easy to share knowledge and entertain the watchers. Many businesses use attractive videos as a part of their marketing or product campaign.

As the use of videos is increasing, so are the quality and features of video editing software. There are different types of software available which suit beginners and experts/ professionals. One such editing software is Windows Movie Maker. It is one of the first movie-making software that came with Windows software.

The software allows you to edit and create videos that can be shared on various social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, OneDrive, Flickr, Vimeo, etc. Other than simple to use, there are many other advantages of using this software.

Drag and Drop

The operation of adding videos, pictures, and audio is by simply dragging and dropping. Drag the video or the pictures that you want and drop them at the bottom on the places you want. The audio is also added similarly. You can also add transition and movie effects to the movie.

Easy to Add Narrations

If you want to add narrations, it is really easy to do so with this software. There is a microphone sign at the bottom left of the screen, click on it to start recording. With the help of the storyboard bar, add the narration where you want it to start from. After finishing, click on replay to check if it is properly placed. Once the narration seems complete and properly placed, save the file. Now, it is ready to be uploaded.

Easy to Check the Progress

It is important to check how the movie is coming along, so keep checking the progress by clicking on the movie box. You can find it on the right side of the main page. To make sure that the videos/ pictures are properly placed, use the storyboard to arrange them. Also, it is always advisable to save the file as soon as it starts taking shape. Click on file > save as. Name the file and save it. This way, there is no fear of losing progress.

Many Automatic Features

The software is very efficient in automatically displaying many links to websites that may be helpful or related to the video-making process, like any video streaming site. Windows movie maker even assists with automatically downloading codes if required by the video or audio files you use.

Camera Work

Usually, it is important to have cameras when making movies because you need pictures or videos to complete the movie. But, this editing software allows you to create movies even without a camera. The result will be more like a movie frame with a narration in the background.

With software, you need to take time and check every option and feature available in it. Familiarize yourself with it, then, only will you be able to use it fully.