Asha Patel Jewelry Makes for a Thoughtful, Any-Occasion Gift

Asha Patel Jewelry Makes for a Thoughtful, Any-Occasion Gift
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Of all the gifts to give or receive, few are as occasion-oriented as jewelry. Romantic holidays (cough cough, Valentine’s Day, which we just celebrated), birthdays, Mother’s Day, important milestones—these moments seem to spark the passing of a statement set of earrings or an engagement ring more frequently than, say, a random Tuesday in March.

That’s why we’re simply starry-eyed over Asha Patel Designs, the astro-inspired jewelry brand that makes thoughtful pieces, no milestone necessary. Using precious metals and hand-picked gemstones, each piece blends age-old symbols with modern design that look good anytime, anywhere. Designs aside, the wallet-friendly prices are swoon-worthy, too, making Asha Patel jewels the top any-occasion gift to give your buds (or yourself) at a moment’s notice.

Designed by namesake Asha Patel, an Indian pharmacist turned jewelry designer, the brand’s aesthetic is largely rooted in symmetry and symbolism. According to company’s website, Patel grew up admiring traditional Indian jewelry known for its duality as well as grandness and beauty. Her designs provide a modern spin on timeless ideas, combining ancient symbols (numerology, the lotus, Om) and beloved gemstones with modern materials, like leather and brass, for simple, interesting pieces that can be worn everyday.

Moon-shaped crystal pendants, intricate wrap bracelets, delicate rings—the Asha Patel line-up has something for everybody on a pretty doable price-point. Most of the jewels fall between the $75-$100 range, with a few larger statement pieces teetering around $125-$150. While other artisan jewelry can cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars, these pieces are affordable and high-quality, not to mention little pieces of art. Whether you’re on the hunt for a thoughtful birthday or Mother’s Day gift, or just need an excuse to treat yourself, it’s a brand that can do both effortlessly (and without draining your bank account).

The dainty necklaces and made-for-layering bracelets aren’t the only things we’re seeing stars over, though. Patel has a large hand in the entire process, from sourcing through casting, which is impressive on its own. The materials are sustainably and ethically sourced, too, which Patel, “sources… by hand on family trips throughout India, London, and the U.S.”

And, of course, there’s the charitable element. Asha Patel has ongoing partnerships with nonprofits like She’s The First and Doctors Without Borders. The brand also launched its Greater Love Necklace ($65), which donates 20 percent of purchase proceeds back to the organization of your choice (either Feeding America, Every Mother Counts, The Humane Society or She’s The First.) There’s a lot to love about the brand besides its “just because”-worthy jewelry.

Don’t wait until the next bid day to give yourself, or your favorite pal, a gift they’ll cherish each time they see it on their wrist or finger. Check out a few of our favorite of Patel’s pieces below, or shop the whole site here.

Shop Asha Patel Designs below, no occasion necessary

Zodiac Lock Necklace — $70.00

The daintiest way to show off your sign. This little locket is engraved with a horoscope symbol as a way to, “keep your sign close to your heart.” At 19 inches long, it’s perfect for layering but looks chic by itself, too.

Quarter Lunar Moonstone Ring — $85.00

This sparkly ring comes from the brand’s Lunar Goddess Collection, which symbolizes transition. Per the site, the open moon represents the waning and waxing of the female form, while the iridescent moonstone helps harness femininity, love, and loyalty. Tl;dr, we’re over the moon for this little ring.

Gemini Tie Necklace — $70.00

This lariat necklace features two gold-plated brass stars—”one solid and steadfast, one delicate and open to all the world has to offer… to invoke the dualities and beautiful contradictions that bind us all.” It’s a pretty reminder to look to the stars (and to treat yourself).

The Moon Tribe Wrap Bracelet — $95.00

Want to elevate your bracelet game? Do it with this leather wrap. It’s layered with three moonstones to symbolize the goddess of the moon and serve as a reminder to stay true to our path. If moonstones aren’t your thing, the brand has a collection of artisan wrap bracelets decked out in other colors and gemstones worth a look, too.

Quarter Lunar Grande Drop Necklace — $90.00

This lovely lariat features crystals galore. There are three different options to choose your moon in, including labradorite (known for its healing properties), moonstone (for tapping into that femininity), and rose quartz, which is known for opening the heart. Whatever you pick will have you seeing stars.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

This Astro-Inspired Jewelry Brand Makes for a Thoughtful, Any-Occasion Gift