Aquamarine – The Birthstone of March!

Birthstones are those special stones with those special powers. Every one, depending on the birthday has a special gemstone called their birthstone associated with their date of birth and zodiac sign. Birthstones are believed to bestow their powers on those who are wearing it. And so aquamarine is whose birthstone? And what are its powers?

‘Water of the sea’, that is what the name ‘Aquamarine’ in Latin means. This exquisite gemstone is captivatingly clear and temptingly transparent. The brilliant aquamarine is the birthstone of the month of March. This gem is the lucky crystal for the people of Pisces.

Aquamarine-Adds power to the March-born
Is your star sign Pisces? Then the lucid aquamarine is the birth stone for you. All Pisceans can be proud of their birthstone, for aquamarine is extremely durable and very well suited for jewelry. Being the designers’ favorite, the hardness of aquamarine gem stone makes it perfect for a variety of artistic and modern cuts.

Aquamarine-to the happily married!
Are you a married man/woman? Then this aquamarine gemstone is the perfect gift for your beloved one. This glittering gemstone is supposed to bring out harmony, soothing all the differences that might exist among the loving couple. What better can be an excellent anniversary gift than an aquamarine jewelry? Aquamarine is the traditional gemstone for 19th year of marriage.

Aquamarine-for that special dress!
The delicate blue and the blue-green of aquamarine blends so well with your dress and it does not distract away from what you are wearing, as other brighter stones do. Adorable and endearing, jewelry of aquamarine gemstone are stunningly attractive and sizzling with charm and beauty that is pleasing to the eyes and pleasant to the soul.

Powers of Aquamarine
Aquamarine birth stones are trusted to bring courage, victory, togetherness and insight to its wearers. It signifies making of new friends. It is viewed as a gift of love. Wearing an aquamarine jewelry is supposed to bring love and affection into your life. This gemstone has the power to benefit its wearer with knowledge, vision and inspiration.

Health and prosperity is the symbol of this powerful birthstone aquamarine. It is believed to possess the healing power that reduces the dependency on drugs. Aquamarine gem stone helps digestion, ensures health of teeth and jaw and supposed to be a remedy for swollen glands.

Aquamarine-the positive power!
Aquamarine birthstone is all about instilling positive feeling. This breathtakingly beautiful gemstone is believed to release anger and negativity and bestow on us peace of mind, clarity and ensures mental and emotional balance. Aquamarine gem stone helps focus, concentration and aids meditation.

Aquamarine Jewelry
Pendant, bracelet, ring or an earring- aquamarine jewelry are favored by the Pisceans. Pisceans, if they wear aquamarine, their birthstone, will invite all the positive things of the universe in to their life. Life will be filled with love, affection, care, friendship and togetherness. Heart will be filled with happiness and boundless joy. Health and wealth will embrace their life.

Not so inexpensive, aquamarine birthstone is an adorable gem of those Pisceans born in March.

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