Andreas Darwis is one of Indonesian photographer legend and is also recognized as a leading Indonesian potraits photographer. Analysis by aesthetic approach of different pot portrait photography made by Kassihan Cephas reveals that the images are made by the method of producing which is based on aesthetics. The elements used for the creation of photographs have an importance in defining the quality of photography. These elements include color, lighting, background, and lines.Darwis Triadi - YouTube

Color is very important for photography. With the help of the many tools of Photoshop, color correction and deskewing is done easily and automatically. Color correction refers to making corrections to pictures in order to make them look more attractive. It is in line with a photographic term of rapport which means that if two photos are taken from the same scene, the second photo will tend to look better than the first one. For example, when you see someone with light colored hair as compared to the dark haired person, you will tend to notice the light hair more because it reflects more light.

The other important element is lighting. Lighting helps to create visual illusions in photographs. There are three types of lighting: direct, indirect, and reflective. Direct lighting can be described as bright and harsh. Indirect lighting is not direct but is reflected or curved and Reflective lighting is soft and creates a warm glow on the subject.

The third element is colors. Colors play an important role in making a photograph beautiful. Colors like red, blue, and yellow are used most commonly. These colors enhance and accentuate a subject so that one cannot help but appreciate the beauty of a photo that contains these colors. Some colors used most frequently by Andreas Darwis and his followers are white, pink, dark green, and cream. These colors are used so that a beautiful background with a clean layout can be created to enhance the subject.

The four elements of design are architecture, colors, and text. Architecture takes the form of cities, buildings, or landmarks. The text refers to the texts and lines written on a building. This can include the name of the building, the description of the building, the logo of the company, and other texts. All of these combined make up a beautiful picture which can then be made attractive by the combination of colors and text.

Andreas Darwis created the idea of combining the elements of art, architecture, and text. The result was the inclusion of the four elements into a single composition called the Triad. This composition called for the inclusion of five items which were different in form but each represented the other two elements. The names of the elements of architecture were Pangani, Janga, Hura, and Garuda.

The concept of the Triad has had the effect of making many people very familiar with the piece of art. The most popular is the Andreas Darwis Triadi. Another variation of this design is the Garuda Triangle Triad. The most famous piece of this genre is the fotografer called the artist’s life. It was created by artist Zahid Hussain. This is a rare piece of art which was made in Pakistan.

The Triad was also used in the Bahariya matrimony of Directory of the Bahariya Khayyam of Pakistan. The Triad consists of a pair of human hands holding a heart with a crown on top. Each of the hands has a flower between them. The name of the flower is Ghagria (forgiveness). This is a beautiful example of a triad which showcases the true beauty of Pakistanis and their rich culture.

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