An Amazing Magic Trick With Bottle of a Coca-Cola

This is a great magic trick with a bottle of Coca-Cola, that your can perform anywhere. It will literally leave your friends speechless!

How It Looks To The Audience

The Magician opens a bottle of Coca-Cola and pours some into a glass. He then covers the mouth of the bottle with his hand and turns the bottle upside down. However, when he removes his hand, the Coca-Cola stays inside the bottle. When he taps the bottle with his finger, the Coke pours out of the bottle, into the glass!

How the Trick Is Done

All you need for this great magic trick is a small circle of clear cellophane, which you can obtain from a cigarette packet or any other form of product packaging. The circle should be cut, so it is the same size of the mouth of a Coca-Cola Bottle. You can do this easily by placing the mouth of a bottle on the cellophane and using a scalpel to cut around the mouth of the bottle.

To perform the trick, have the circle concealed in the fingers of your left hand. Then take the bottle of Coke and pour some into a glass. You then turn the bottle upright and place your left hand over the mouth of the bottle. However, as you do so, you secretly place the cellophane over the mouth of the bottle.

Turn the bottle upside down and secretly press the cellophane against the mouth of the bottle. If you have done it properly, the cellophane should stay in place.

Slowly spread your fingers and some of the Coke should dribble out. However, as the edge of the cellophane sticks to the mouth of the bottle, the Coke will stop running out.

You can now take your left hand away from the bottle and show everyone your amazing trick. However, be careful that you hold the bottle about waist height, so that no one can see the mouth of the bottle.

You can now wave your left hand around the bottle in a magical fashion and tell people that this takes years of hard work and training. After a few moments, hold the bottle over your glass and give the top of the bottle a tap with your left hand. This will dislodge the cellophane and the rest of the Coke will pour into the glass. No one will notice the piece of cellophane when it falls into the glass.

When you have finished the trick, you can let everyone examine the bottle. However, there is nothing to explain how this little miracle was done!