After Wheel Of Fortune Nearly Conjured Up Horror Movie Monster, Fans Had Thoughts

Halloween is almost here, and some are celebrating the season by watching tons of horror movies and shows. It’s a good time to remember that there are ways to avoid a grim fate from a hellish villain — as any fan of the horror genre will tell you. Simple rules like, don’t say “I’ll be right back.” Don’t ever think you can overpower Michael Myers. Don’t go to sleep (okay, that one’s harder). And for Pete’s sake, don’t repeatedly say the name of an evil ghost bent on killing anyone who summons him! Wheel of Fortune nearly caused a contestant to commit a huge Halloween party foul, as the player had to solve the puzzle by repeating “Candyman” four times. 

In horror movie lore, Candyman is the ghost of a Black man who was lynched for an interracial love affair. He brutally murders those who summon him, which can be done by repeating “Candyman” five times while looking in a mirror. Watch the clip below to see the terrifyingly close call. 

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