Advantages, Disadvantages And Uses Of Acrylic Beads

Acrylic beads are quite popular when it comes to making jewelry. If you are a beginner jewelry designer, it is recommended that you start off with acrylic beads. There are many reasons for this and in this article we will look at the advantages, disadvantages and uses of acrylic beads.


Beads have been around for thousands of years now. It is believed that until the 20th century, beads were made from found objects and naturally occurring materials such as glass, metal and clay. In the 1900s, the start of synthetic polymers made it possible to make beads out of synthetic substances. The use of synthetic substance in the creation of beads offered numerous advantages over beads that were made from naturally occurring material or other types of material.

First of all, acrylic beads bring down the cost of manufacturing as they are mass produced in factories. Anyone who is looking to buy them in wholesale lots can do so without spending too much money. Because they are low cost, they are an attractive option when it comes to jewelry making.

These beads are also lightweight when compared to glass beads or crystal beads. This makes them a perfect choice for jewelries such as necklaces and bracelets. In addition, they do not get hot like glass does when the temperature is high. Even if you are exposed to high temperatures, they tend to stay cool and are comfortable in the hot weather.

Since acrylic is quite flexible, they can be formed into any type of shape or color that is imaginable. For a crafter, a tremendous choice of shapes and colors are available at extremely affordable prices. They are also durable and are suitable for a range of kids’ projects as well.


There are not many disadvantages related to using these kinds of beads. But one of the issues can be they may not be suitable for all types of beading or jewelry making projects. They are not as shiny or lustrous as glass and crystal beads and therefore, may not be the preferred choice for most jewelry designers.


Acrylic beads are extremely versatile. They can be used in jewelry making and a number of other projects as well including sewing, crafting, scrapbooking and so on. They are one of the best types of beads available for decorating clothing and gowns.

When buying acrylic beads, it is important to consider its use first. Different types of beads can be used for different types of projects and therefore, it is important to consider the size, color, type and shape that will be suitable for the specific project you are going to work on.